Being a Snorkeling Guide at Kon-Tiki

kon-tiki thailand snorkel guide

Imagine you are on the boat, the sea is flat, the sun is shining and soon the happy holiday makers is arriving. It is your job to make sure these people will be having a day they never forget. It is your job to guide the guests on an underwater adventure over the reefs and show them all the fish and corals.

Would you like to be able to make a perfect snorkel day for someones holiday in Thailand to the best ever? Then you should become a snorkel guide for Kon-Tiki.

It is simple, you need to know how to swim and be familiar with and comfortable in the water. To give our guests the most safe and best way of snorkeling, we want our guides to complete the Open Water Diver- and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course and even the PADI Rescue Diver course to be able to handle any problems if they occur. Once a confident PADI Rescue Diver we offer an intense 2-day-course to become a Snorkeling guide and your new adventure can begin. The snorkeling guide course prepares you for all the tasks you will do during the days at sea. You will learn to do a proper snorkel briefing for your guests, how to assist guest with equipment. Gain knowledge about the marine life and learn the technique to guide the guests on the guided snorkel tour over the coral reefs.

As a snorkel guide you will show your guest the coral reefs at Phi Phi Islands, Ao Nang Islands or Koh Haa yai. You will have the opportunity to take a group of people on a snorkel tour on the surface to amaze them with coral reefs with the colorful fish and they might never seen before. It is not an easy job, you have different variation of people from all over the world, all from beginners to advanced snorkelers and you need to make sure everyone get the most out of the day.

For sure this is one of best jobs in the world. The smile on the first time snorkelers face when you open a whole new world for them and they for the first time look down over the coral reefs with all the fish surrounding them. The smiles of the advance snorkeler when you teach him/her the technique to skin dive down to the fish to take a closer look.  It is an amazing feeling!

If you want to be the person who makes this smile on other people faces, become a snorkel guide with Kon-Tiki.

Ready to take the job? Apply here

Some of the best days on the sea

Kon-Tiki Dive boat ing-marie captain Samit with kidsA few days ago I got once again reminded about how fortunate I really am! I got to show 18 youngsters from Nawatapume International School, in the age 7 to 16 years, how to snorkel and explore the Andaman Sea.

We set off in the morning from Ao Nammao Pier with layers of sun lotion and a Colgate smile from ear to ear ready to find what was waiting for us under the surface.

After giving everyone a briefing about the boat, so they could start investigate it. They quickly found the Captain Samits cabin and I believe it is the first time I have ever seen so many people in there. There was not room for first mate Karim even!

The kids took turn in steering the boat and having a good time. Slowly we were passing Railey Beach and Poda island waving at all the tourists. The kids surely know their local islands!

Next island was chicken islands, which was easy to recognize with the head like a chicken and of course the mandatory chicken dance was performed.

chicken island diving snorkeling thailand krabi ao nang

Into the open sea we travels and the kids spotted large pink jelly fish, flying fish and spotting Bamboo islands in front of us. Our destination for the first stop was the largest reef in southern Thailand.

We gathered for a snorkel briefing on the top deck, so our snorkelers knew how to fit the mask, understood how to use the snorkel and how the fins would get them moving. We talked about the importance of wearing a lifejacket and informed the students about the different marine life we were expecting to encounter such as clown anemone fish, moon wrasse, sergeant majors, sea fans and lots of different hard corals. The only thing we just needed now was the water and all the fish waiting for us.

We jumped in in 3 different groups, got the equipment adjusted and all the fish came to greet us. Different groups spotted different things, but of course lots of damselfish, sea urchins, moorish idols, snappers and the cutest little box fish.

After a bit of lunch, we continued to Koh Yung for the second stop. Quickly all got in the water and some were lucky enough to spot a banded sea snake, squid, triggerfish, anemones, and pipefish dancing together on the corals.

Like any other tour with Kon-Tiki we made sure everybody learned something new. So on behalf of Kon-Tiki I would like to thank you all for one of the best days out this season!!!!

International school ao nang krabi thailand snorkeling kon-tiki

Malene Jensen
General Manager
Kon-Tiki Krabi

The adventures of a Kon-Tiki Intern – third week

Snorkeltaxi A-Tiki Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

Busy, but fun!

Hi! Daniel here again. This week have been busy for me as I´ve been everywhere! The week started with Mauro on Sheraton, but I had to leave because Charlie forgot some paper in the shop. I went back on my own, and I almost got lost, but I found my way. The rest of the day I spend with Charlie at Centara as it would´ve been unnecessary to go back to Sheraton out in Klong Muang. I have also been in the dive shop to make price tags and all kinds of other stuff, like cleaning and copying papers. This Saturday I was on the boat but this time I had some different projects to do than usual. I got posters, glue and a scissor from Malene to make flags to the snorkel-taxis that the snorkel guides use. This, so when they snorkel with guests in case of someone getting cramp or needs a rest. I also did some paperwork on the boat. They have a binder on the boat with a lot of paper, but the paper wasn’t at the right place in the binder so I had to organize it. I also helped Caroline with the snorkelers with finding right size fins and masks and then I led all the snorkelers when we were in the water. The week has been hectic but really fun!

It hasn’t been great weather these last few days, but it looks like it’s going to be better.

Awesome Snorkeling at Bida Islands – The best of Phi Phi!

Snorkeling Koh Bida Lion fish Diving Thailand

The most southern sites of the legendary Phi Phi Islands are the Bida Islands. Many rank these as great as the Similan Islands.

During our two snorkeling stops our Professional Kon-Tiki snorkeling guides will teach you about the marine life you will encounter, the snorkeling equipment and how to use it as well as safety procedures.

Depending on currents, wind and weather we choose between Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai or even Hin Bida.

Once in the water they will glide with you over the coral reef, skin diving down to spot critters hiding in the corals, showing you their favorite fish. The reef is covered with all teh tropocal butterfly fishes feeding and also the beautiful damsel fishes. We find “Nemo” the clown anemone fish. A bit deeper you can spot the occasional lionfish searching for food by the protected reef. Often people also find leopard sharks sleeping in the sands and in rare cases great barracudas passing into the blue.

If you or your partner is already a certifed PADI diver or would like to try Scuba Diving, this is a amazing day for both of you!

padi snorkeling course bida phi phi islandspadi snorkeling course bida phi phi islands

Snorkeling at Koh Haa Yai

PADI skin diver and snorkler Koh Haa Yai Krabi Thailand

It actually means five islands in Thai and is known for its crystal clear waters. The protected lagoons shape a breathtaking view. The beautiful beach and the turquoise waters invite you in for snorkeling. You can find yourself glide over some of the most diverse coral reefs in the world combining marine life and all the colors of the rainbow. Follow your professional snorkeling guide and experience the variety in marine life. They will spot the colorful parrot fish, Moorish idols playing together in groups, clown fish swimming in and out of the many different types of anemones you can find here.

Koh Hag Yai holds some of the most diverse coral reefs in the world. Check it out on this link

If you are curious what it feels like breathing underwater? We can introduce you to scuba diving without any previous experience. A perfect alternative for those who might not have the time or want to try diving before taking a full PADI certification.

In high season you can join this tour every Saturday from Ao Nang, Krabi. So get ready to explore some of the best snorkeling South Thailand has to offer!

snorkeling koh haa yai krabi thailandsnorkeling koh haa yai krabi thailand