Have you ever tried Night diving or Night Snorkeling? It is exhilarating!


Suddenly a world you thought you knew becomes a lot different when you can see a whole new cast of critters revealed by your dive light.

You get to sleep in, as we start the cruise after lunch. We stop at different islands around the Ao Nang archipelago to snorkel or scuba dive in this amazing world. After the second stop, captain prepares a delicious BBQ and we watch the sun set in the sea. Once the sun setting, we will start to get ready to experience the marine life in a different way. With torches in our hands, we enter the water with your snorkeling guide or PADI dive master to find out who is still awake. Some places it is amazing to see the phosphorescent plankton playing in the light of the torches. While it may seem a little scary at first in spite of the familiar surroundings, night diving is also a great adventure and a great way to see the underwater world in a whole new light (or lack of it), so to speak.

If you like us love night diving you can sign up for the PADI Night Diver Specialty, or choose this as a part of your PADI Advanced Open Water.

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Weird creature of the month – August

Triggerfish snorkeling at the Bida Islands Phi Phi Islands
Titan Triggerfish

Found in lagoons and at reefs to depths of 50 m the Titan Triggerfish has a bit of a rumor about their behavior. Generally they are cool and leave you alone. The titan triggerfish is usually wary of divers and snorkelers, but at times when nesting they can be territorial and will guard their nest with vigor. The female guards its nest, which is placed in a flat sandy area, vigorously against any intruders. Their territory is getting larger by the surface. The area around the nest is roughly cone-shaped and divers who accidentally enter should be careful and watch out what the trigger does. Divers should swim horizontally away from the nest rather than upwards which would only take them further into the area.

The titan triggerfish is a solitary fish. It feeds on sea urchin, mollusks, crustaceans, tube worms and coral. They are the workers of the reef, often being busy turning over rocks, stirring up the sand and biting off pieces of branching coral. This is why you often see other smaller fish species around it who feed on the smaller organisms that are stirred up. They have also been observed being aggressive to other fish who enter their territory.

The threat which the triggerfish faces the intruder with is to hold its first dorsal spine erect. It may also roll onto its side, allowing it a better look at the intruder it perceives as threatening its nest. The titan triggerfish will not always bite, but can swim at snorkelers and divers escorting them out of their territory. The flesh of the titan triggerfish is sometimes.

Stay calm swim away horizontally and once away from their territory they will back off. They have been known to nip at a few divers leaving a just bruise and at times a Parrot size bite. They will show a threat display (Trigger rises) followed by erratic swimming, if ignored a dummy charge then a real charge and a potential bite.

Bites should be taken seriously as they are ciguatoxic. Ciguatoxin is a natural poison which is found on some tropical reefs. It infects fish which feed on marine algae. While harmless to the fish, even small amounts can have a harmful effect on humans.

As a snorkeler you will be observing these lovely creatures from the surface, so take a tour to the Bida Islands and you might find the Titan Triggerfish, there is quite an abundance of this species on our trips.

Never tried Snorkeling or just can’t get enough of Snorkeling?

Snorkeling Bamboo Islands, Phi Phi Islands

If this is your first time snorkeling or just a keen snorkeler, this tour offers the best Snorkeling! Our professional Kon-Tiki snorkeling guides will brief you about the marine life, corals and how to use all the Snorkeling equipment. They guide you along the reef, so you can always be close to our snorkeling guide. We snorkel at one of Thailand’s biggest coral reefs which are located by Bamboo Island! Big corals, clear water and rich marine life we have the perfect environment for great snorkeling. The size of the reef is 4 football pitches and the water depth varies from 2 to 10 meters. Here you can glide over one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Andaman Sea combining marine life and all the colors of the rainbow. You get to explore Hin Klai or Ao Ling, where you can find a great diversity of soft corals and marine life. The dramatic rock formations create shelter for many different species of reef fish. At Koh Yung is our last stop, which offers a splendid variety of different types of corals and colorful reef fish. Check it out

A perfect trip for anyone who loves snorkeling!

PADI Snorkeling guide Krabi ThailandBest snorkeling in Krabi, Thailand

Protecting and makes you look nice at the same time!

Kon-Tiki Rashguard Snorkeling Scuba diving

Do you love diving, snorkeling or just lay on the beach for sunbathing but you hate this moment when you need to put sun lotion on to protect yourself from the strong sun here in Thailand? Or you don´t like to argue with you children anymore to put the lotion on? We have the solution! It is so easy to bring with you, easy to put on, soft and comfortable to wear, protect you from the sun and makes you look nice and cool at the Ao Nang beach in Krabi – It is the Kon-Tiki Rashguards I am talking about!

As a Scuba Instructor, im more less every day out on the sea around Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang islands or in the swimming pool in Sheraton or Centara and I want to UV-protect myself from the strong sun here in Thailand. The KonTiki rashguard is so nice, soft and comfortable to wear. I enjoy being in the water for hours without burning myself, and of course I look super cool in my Kon-Tiki Rashguard!

Sizes differ from the youngest family members to the oldest. We have different sizes that fit the whole family.

Take the easy way to protect your body from the sun? And the most important when you are spending time snorkeling, diving or sunbathing, who don´t want to look nice at the same time?

Come in to our dive center and make the perfect investment for your holiday.

What are you waiting for?

Did you know? Some sun lotions can actually harm our sensitive corals and marine life and is bad for the environment – so to protect the environment throw your sun lotion, the Kon-Tiki Rashguard is here.

Kon-Tiki Rashguard Snorkeling Scuba diving

Kon-Tiki Rashguard Snorkeling Scuba diving

Snorkeling and Island hopping – Join our tour Krabi’s 5 Pearls


Too many islands to choose between? Only a few days to explore the Andaman Sea? This tour will give you all. With Krabi´s 5 Pearls tour you can find your favorite place in Krabi!

With speedboat around Ao Nang’s archipelago you will enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in Thailand. Relax on the powder-white beaches, swim in the clear warm waters or go snorkeling and discover an amazing underwater world. Above water you will experience famous Koh Hong with the wonderful lagoon surrounded with mangrove trees. If lucky, you might spot one of the big lizards, which lives here. At Poda Island we do some of the best snorkeling or spot the monkeys running on the beach. A Thai buffet is served at Chicken Island, while we enjoy the view of Tup islands, which is properly some of the most famous ones here islands here in Krabi.

On Railey Beach we check out the rock climbers, we stroll across the peninsula to Railey east and continue to Phra Nang beach, where you can see the Princess Cave, a temple located on the beach and makes for an impressive view. Our tour guide will share the legend with you. We finish our day at that beach, relaxing in the sun full of great new memories. Sometimes pictures says more than word, check out this tour in pictures