Dive for earth day 22nd april 2012

The day started with the normal meeting at the beach, when everyone had arrived we headed of to our longtail wich were going to take us out to our dive boat, Ing Marie. We had a briefing explaining what the day was intended to give and aslo what we were going to do. The ride out took about 2 hours and we were lucky enough to have a calm sea and no rain. As we arrived everyone started to assemble their equipment and jumping in to the water. We had been told that there were a big net covering the whole northern side – and they weren’t lying. A big net laying on about 6-10m with a length of about 150m covered the whole side. But after a great 2 dives and a lot of effort from everyone joining us this sunny day we managed to get rid of around 200kg net, 150sqm from the reef. A few crabs, anemones, sea urchins and corals were carefully cut away and the net was brought back and dropped off at the Marine park office.

Dive For Earth Day Thailand Kon-Tiki Project Aware

We hope to get out there soon again to take care of the last part of the net, and make sure that the pristine corals of Hin musang Noi keeps out of danger. We also want to say thank you to all those who were helping us out on this day.

Dive for Earth Day Thailand Kon-Tiki

Thank you Conny, Joa, Annika, Rebekka, Linnea, Eulalia, Craig, Nico, Sven, Jolen, Daniel, Marcel

Conny Jeppson