New wreck to be sunk outside Phi Phi Ley – 19th of March

The last ship to be sunk in the Krabi region to create an artifical reef is due on the 19th of March. This Norweigan built vessel AKS 861, by PUSNES MEKANSIKE VERKSTED, was commissioned in the thai Navy on the 9th of April 1956. The dual diesel engine ship is 47 meters long and 7,7 meters wide. The wreck is to be placed on the east side of Phi Phi Ley making it a great dive site all year around, creating an artifical reef for coral and fish.

There are very little documentation of this ship, but we believe from the website, that a Norweigan visitor has caught the correct vessel on photo shown above.

Below is the schedule and an invite for anyone wishing to watch the sinking, with the local ferry company in Ao Nang

8:00                   Depart Klong Heang Pier aboard Aonang Princess
10:30 ~ 11:00     Opening Ceremony
11:00 ~ 11:30     Commence scuttling of HSWW Gret Geaow
11:30 ~ 12:30     Ship requiem and salut
13:00                 Leave for home
14:00                 Return to Klong Heang Peir

We will keep you updated on the latest news for this event, and of course, when the new wreck is safe for diving!

TDEX Winner Joseph & Maria visits Kon-Tiki

TDEX Bangkok winner Kon-Tiki Dive trip with hotel and flightsDuring our days of exhibition in Bangkok, in March 2013, we had a contest were the winner won 2 days of diving, flights, transport and accommodation for 2 people. This weekend the proud winners finally arrived ready for 2 days of adventure.

Sadly the weather wasn’t the best on their first day – but hey, diving is always good – you´ll get wet anyway!  

On our first day, we had an adventurous trip, out to the Ao Nang islands in a private boat. From Klong Haeng Pier we loaded everything on and cruised off. We had time to enjoy the view, set up the equipment and do a dive briefing.  We moved for our dive on Koh Talu, which is one of the most popular dive sites here. We had the whole dive site to ourselves, and had a very nice dive with lots of beautiful corals and lots of marine life; there were stingrays, triggerfish, razorfish and a lot more. The perfect start for a “dive adventure”.

The second day was a relaxing cruise out to the world famous Phi Phi Islands on our big dive boat Petchmanee. The time out was used for setting up our equipment and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the giant limestone cliffs and socialize with the other guests. The first dive was at Viking Bay, as we arrived we jumped in the water to blow some bubbles… It was a fantastic dive where we have seen moray eels, huge porcupinefish and even a leopard shark!! After the dive we had a lunch break, and second dive was at Phi Ley Wall. Here we dived along the wall for another beautiful dive, featuring all the colors of the rain bow in form of Gorgonians and other soft corals. We spotted Scorpion fish, several different species of clown fish, cleaner shrimps and more of their friends.

To make it short; 2 wonderful days of diving!!!

We want to thank Joseph and Maria for their visit and hope to see them and their friends again.



Awesome Snorkeling at Bida Islands – The best of Phi Phi!

Snorkeling Koh Bida Lion fish Diving Thailand

The most southern sites of the legendary Phi Phi Islands are the Bida Islands. Many rank these as great as the Similan Islands.

During our two snorkeling stops our Professional Kon-Tiki snorkeling guides will teach you about the marine life you will encounter, the snorkeling equipment and how to use it as well as safety procedures.

Depending on currents, wind and weather we choose between Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai or even Hin Bida.

Once in the water they will glide with you over the coral reef, skin diving down to spot critters hiding in the corals, showing you their favorite fish. The reef is covered with all teh tropocal butterfly fishes feeding and also the beautiful damsel fishes. We find “Nemo” the clown anemone fish. A bit deeper you can spot the occasional lionfish searching for food by the protected reef. Often people also find leopard sharks sleeping in the sands and in rare cases great barracudas passing into the blue.

If you or your partner is already a certifed PADI diver or would like to try Scuba Diving, this is a amazing day for both of you!

padi snorkeling course bida phi phi islandspadi snorkeling course bida phi phi islands

Snorkeling at Koh Haa Yai

PADI skin diver and snorkler Koh Haa Yai Krabi Thailand

It actually means five islands in Thai and is known for its crystal clear waters. The protected lagoons shape a breathtaking view. The beautiful beach and the turquoise waters invite you in for snorkeling. You can find yourself glide over some of the most diverse coral reefs in the world combining marine life and all the colors of the rainbow. Follow your professional snorkeling guide and experience the variety in marine life. They will spot the colorful parrot fish, Moorish idols playing together in groups, clown fish swimming in and out of the many different types of anemones you can find here.

Koh Hag Yai holds some of the most diverse coral reefs in the world. Check it out on this link

If you are curious what it feels like breathing underwater? We can introduce you to scuba diving without any previous experience. A perfect alternative for those who might not have the time or want to try diving before taking a full PADI certification.

In high season you can join this tour every Saturday from Ao Nang, Krabi. So get ready to explore some of the best snorkeling South Thailand has to offer!

snorkeling koh haa yai krabi thailandsnorkeling koh haa yai krabi thailand

Have you ever tried Night diving or Night Snorkeling? It is exhilarating!


Suddenly a world you thought you knew becomes a lot different when you can see a whole new cast of critters revealed by your dive light.

You get to sleep in, as we start the cruise after lunch. We stop at different islands around the Ao Nang archipelago to snorkel or scuba dive in this amazing world. After the second stop, captain prepares a delicious BBQ and we watch the sun set in the sea. Once the sun setting, we will start to get ready to experience the marine life in a different way. With torches in our hands, we enter the water with your snorkeling guide or PADI dive master to find out who is still awake. Some places it is amazing to see the phosphorescent plankton playing in the light of the torches. While it may seem a little scary at first in spite of the familiar surroundings, night diving is also a great adventure and a great way to see the underwater world in a whole new light (or lack of it), so to speak.

If you like us love night diving you can sign up for the PADI Night Diver Specialty, or choose this as a part of your PADI Advanced Open Water.

Check out our tour