June Special – Your Buddy Dives for Half Price

diving offer special diving thailandBook three days of diving and your buddy goes for half price!

At Kon-Tiki we have made many fantastic friends throughout out the years. Most of those have been our guests, sometimes taking their very first breaths underwater with us.

Obviously these are people very special to us, supporting our lifestyle and sharing our memories. Of course we would like to have them diving with us every single day if we could. Spoil your buddy for a few days of diving for half price!!

October Special – Rash Guard

Sign up for a dive package with a minimum of 3 days or a diving course for this season 2 weeks in advance. Do This and get free Kon-Tiki Rash Guard upon arrival to protect you from stingers and the sun.

Diving Thailand Rash Guard Special Package

The booking has to be paid before 31st of October for this offer to be valid