Praktik hos Kon-Tiki Thailand – Tiden går fort när man har roligt

Praktik i Thailand hos Kon-Tiki dykning och snorklingVisste du att du kan göra din praktik hos oss här på Kon-Tiki i Krabi? Det visste inte jag för fem år sedan, för hade jag vetat det så hade jag inte spenderat mina praktikveckor med att plocka disk på Princess bageri i min hemstad. Jag hade åkt till Thailand för att lära mig allt om dykning, snorkling och turism.

Daniel är en av dem som valde att göra sin praktik hos oss och han har nu varit en del av vårt team här på Kon-Tiki i snart en månad. Det är tråkigt att vi snart ska behöva ta farväl av vår omtyckta praktikant. I snart 8 veckor har Daniel hjälpt oss med allt från att organisera i butiken, hjälpa till med kunderna till att agera assisterande snorkelguide ute på havet. Och det är precis så det är att praktisera här, du kommer inte alltid veta vad du kommer få göra morgonen därpå. Och det är bland annat det som kommer få dina veckor att kännas som dagar.

Kon-Tiki välkomnar eldsjälar som inte har någonting emot att spendera sin praktik i ett land med en medeltemperatur på 30 grader tillsammans med andra människor som också brinner för vad de gör. Men låt inte destinationen lura dig, det är inte semester utan dagarna kommer vara fulla av diverse olika uppgifter och utmaningar. Men visst skadar det inte att göra sin praktik i ett av Thailands mest berömda semesterparadis?

Någon stannar två veckor, en annan stannar över en månad. Det är något som vi kommer överens om med din skola. Tack vare varierande arbetsuppgifter och mycket nya lärdomar får vi tillsammans tiden att gå väldigt snabbt, samtidigt som vi har väldigt roligt.

Nu har du chansen. Jag rekommenderar dig att ta den, jag önskar att jag hade gjort det.

Se här när Malene blir intervjuad av praktikant från Tingvalla

Kon-Tiki trainee Amanda

Kon-Tiki Dive Boat

Hey, let’s go!

My name is Amanda and I’m from Sweden and I have been having my internship on Kon-Tiki in soon three weeks, it feels just like yesterday that I was opening the door to kontiki dive center. This two weeks have going so fast, and it have being so fun to meet all the new people and all the stuff.

The thing I thinks the best here is that your days never are the same, one day you’re working in the shop and cleaning, paper work and things like that. And then the next day you are out whit the boat and snorkeling whit the guests. During my time here I Thailand I have learn to talk more English and a have grown as a person. Now it’s less than a week left in paradise and I know that I’m going to miss this so much!

I’m very happy that i got the possibility to have my internship her in Thailand on Kon-Tiki. Malene and the PADI dive masters and instructors – thanks for that you have taken care of me during my time here in Thailand.

Realgymnasiet Äventyrs turism inriktning dykning Västerås

Andaman Sea fish


Amanda Trainee Diving


Dive boat

The life of a Swedish School student to a divemaster in Thailand – what a change of life!

Kon-Tiki Krabi DM1

My name is Charlie Klehr and I am a student from Sweden from the high school Real. In the first year at High school we were told to decide a subject in the adventure course, at the same time I decide to follow my dreams. So now three years later I stand as a Divemaster with experience in Thailand that will make you a story!

I went to Thailand for six weeks that became to change my life. Hoping of experience that could after my school lead to a work, but somehow I’ve got in love in the future because I found my way of living. I could never imagine the big change of me after the weeks alone, after the weeks to be adult, after weeks to take responsibility. I could feel the absolute freedom, so nearly as the feeling of the water in Thailand, you can’t see it but you know it’s there so clear is it sometimes! It was truly the living dream. After my weeks at the boats with people, smiles, laugh, I know that Kon-Tiki is something more that I will gladly recommend for people who wants good diving and fun days at sea. At my work I’ve got the best dives in my life that will be captured in my heart, that I will come back for.

Tree simple words are Kon-Tiki Passion, Professionalism and Environment.

Charlie Klehr

Kon-Tiki DM




Kon-Tiki Krabi DM4

Kon-Tiki Krabi DM3

Kon-Tiki Krabi supports local School girl

school students Krabi

Recently our local School in Klong Heng got the opportunity to travel to Bangkok for a spelling and story competition in Bangkok.

Since Klong Heng School is always there to help us when the beaches needs cleaning up, Kon-Tiki Krabi were happy to support her so her dream could come true. Not only did she participate in a big competition like this, but also came home with a prize.

We wish Nataporn Saidan congratulations with her Silver Award for Story telling in English.

Thank You Letter

Kon-Tiki Trainees Simon and Iman Blog 3

Kon-Tiki boat Andaman Sea


So, new week and guess what? It has just flown by so fast that I hardly can remember it. I joined the boat on Saturday where I got to dive on Monkey Bay with Malene, Johan and Iman, the dive was yet again as always amazing and I saw a few clown fishes and lots of other fishes, after that we headed off to Monkey Bay for snorkeling where we saw a water worm and Iman got so scared! Our last stop for the day was Mosquito Island where my duty was to be a dry staff so I got a chance to work on my tan while helping snorkelers get out of the water and counting them!

On Monday I went to Bida Island where I was a dry staff, not much for me to see but the divers saw a leopard shark, turtles and all other kind of amazing creatures, of course I’m not jealous at all! I was stationed at Centara Grand Resort with Felicia on Tuesday and it was just a calm day, a few guest’s that wanted to rent the kayaks and a few other curious guests that was interested in diving. On Wednesday I didn’t go to Phi Phi and I didn’t manage to get a slice of that gorgeous pizza which is a shame. Instead I was at the shop and helped customers and washed the windows. On Thursday I joined Magne to Sheraton and saw a few elephants on the way over there. Well at Sheraton resort I cleaned the shop and washed the windows, I must say that they sure look good now. Also on Friday I joined Fredrik and Conny with their discover scuba diving students which was super exciting! We did three dives and I got to act as a dive master for Daniel who is from Finland, well down at ten meters depth we saw a turtle and bunch of other cool fishes, I must say that the facial expression you get from the students after such a great dive is just fantastic, personally there is nothing better than to see a diver so happy after a dive and that’s why I want to work with diving in the future.

The days just fly by and today it’s my last day here before heading home. My stay here has been amazing and quite hard to describe since no day have ever been the same, although I’ve learnt something new every day and it’s been a blast down here.

Cheers readers!

Kon-Tiki Krabi trainee