October Special – Rash Guard

Sign up for a dive package with a minimum of 3 days or a diving course for this season 2 weeks in advance. Do This and get free Kon-Tiki Rash Guard upon arrival to protect you from stingers and the sun.

Diving Thailand Rash Guard Special Package

The booking has to be paid before 31st of October for this offer to be valid

Newest product of Kon-Tiki Thailand – Kon-Tiki Rash guards

Our youngest Kon-Tiki members have now been testing our brand new Kon-Tiki rash guards. The rash guards are made of 88 % Nylon and 12% Spandex. They will protect you and your children from the sun rays, when you are snorkeling or kayaking, but also keep you warm in the water, if you are diving or surfing!! Our staff use these rash guards daily on the boat, both for snorkeling and diving because as its so comfortable and makes you feel protected in the strong sun of Thailand.  They are available in Red & White and Grey & Black in all sizes from children to adult.
Kids Rash Guard Sun Protection Thailand
Kids Rash guard sun protection