PADI Advanced Open Water course

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Once you completed your PADI Open water diver course you might feel that something is missing. Maybe you want to dive a bit deeper to see what´s going on beyond the 18m limit. Then the PADI Advanced open water diver course is the perfect step for you. It´s also a highly recommended step as you instantly get a couple of more dives under your belt with an experienced scuba instructor. And who know, maybe this course opens the possibilities for different specialties such as; Deep diver and nitrox diver?

We keep building on what you already learnt in the entry level course and start focusing on how to expand your knowledge and dive skills. As a certified PADI open water diver we often look at our instructors how they move gracefully through the water as with only their mind propelling them. In the PADI Advanced open water diver course we teach you the tricks in how to get better in; Buoyancy, navigation and how to plan longer dives with the use of a dive computer or multilevel RDP. Small underwater “games” slowly advances you buoyancy. By having your PADI Instructor carefully looking on how you behave when performing certain skills and of course during the dive, he/she can the correct the problem you might have/encounter making sure you progress faster than if you would do it by simple trial and error.

A big part of the PADI Advanced open water course is also to safely conduct deeper dives, to a max of 30m. Most people who have done this dive course say that this is what pushes them to do the course. By going down with a dive instructor, who will be there during the dive planning, equipment setup and of course during the actual dive. You are ensured that your dive is made correct and of course this ensures more FUN! It’s a pretty cool feeling cruising on nearly 30m of depth and see how not only the marine life but also the environment change as you descend from the surface.

So take the challenge – do your PADI Advanced open water diver course and become a better diver!

PADI Open Water Course and beyond


PADI OPen Water Kon-Tiki

Last week have been packed with action, we have been teaching new PADI Open Water Divers (Entry Level) and kept taking these divers to the next level, PADI Advanced Open Water, Specialty Courses etc.

There is always the belief that you need more experience (diving), in doing a couple of fun dives on your own before taking this step. Our scuba instructors disagree… Taking the PADI Advanced Course or Specialty Courses, in conjunction with your PADI Open Water Course. Gives you extra dive time with your instructor to fine tune those diving skills you need to have. By letting the professional keeping an eye on you, and helping you realize what you can do better. And why not take this extra time to try new scuba gear and dive styles. In a couple of dives you can improve the same as if you would do trial and error for a couple of day trips.

This is of course not always true, but the majority of us needs extra training to both save our self, the environment and to become true underwater ambassadors.

Who doesn´t want to glide effortless through the water, and like with just a thought raise and sink as we please.

For more info about the different specialties relevant to your Certification level please contact

The adventure of a Kon-Tiki Trainee – Part 3

diving thailand padi course discover scuba diving kon-tiki

Today I was at Nopparat Thara beach to show people who we are and what we are doing. It’s an event to get the high season going.  As we are in Thailand, this is not that well planned as in Sweden but as I said, it’s Thailand.

On the Sunday evening the regional manager from PADI were coming to us and teach us how to get better at the things we do. He told us how we could use our Facebook page in a better way than we did and what is ok to post and what is not ok. His name was Tony and I think I speak for every one of us when I say that he’s sense of humor was hilarious.

The middle of the week and I was out on the boat with Tony to take some photos to put up on our Facebook page. With no warning they told me that I was supposed to dive and take a few pictures of some open water students. I am indescribably happy for that because when we got down, we had the luck to get pretty close to a leopard shark. Such as calm animal, not a sign of stress as we approached. That moment will be with me during the whole trip and even when I get back home.

Towards the end of the week I started my Advanced Open Water course. It was not any problems at all, just some skills in the water, some experiments and a LOT of fun! One thing that was very cool was an experiment with a bag (with crisps), we brought the bag down to 30 meters and then picked it up and looked at it, all the red colors were gone, then you could see and understand the sun’s reflection into the water. Amazing!

Friday was the second day of the course and also the last. We tried some hovering skills and a bit of navigation. The greatest thing with the day was that we saw sharks, black tip reef shark. I just love these animals! The way they are moving, their awesome eyes and of course the “scary fin”. But still, I have huge respect for them. I am a guest in their world and if they wanted to do anything to me, I would not stand a chance.

Finally, my day off! Not such great weather so I went down to she shop and checked everything out, then I just relaxed at my room with a couple of good movies and some artwork.

Today is the last day of the week and I am sitting here and writhing on my blog. I have not a single clue about what the next week will offer, but I guess it is just to wait and see, exiting!

Hope you all have had a nice week and I just want to say hello to all of my friends back in Sweden, I miss you all!! I’ll see you soon! Have a great day.