Kon-Tiki Thailands very own fish T-shirt

Kon-Tiki Thailand Fish T-Shirt

Ever wondered what souvenir’s to bring home to your friends??

Search no further, but get the Kon-Tiki fish T-shirt, it is made in 100% cotton and you can find them in green, black, blue and red. We have them available from kid’s sizes in XS, S, M and L as well as adults in size S, M, L, and XL. They are just 300 THB.

It has our traditional Kon-Tiki logo in the top left side of the chest. But the best thing is the back.

Here you can find some of most popular fishes of the Andaman Sea. Weather you spotted a sea snake when snorkeling on Bamboo Islands on our Snorkeling Safari tour or you saw a sleeping Leopard Shark around the Phi Phi Islands you can find them on the back. Together with many others like the Lion Fish, Moorish Idol and even a hawksbill turtle.

My preferred one? The Clark’s anemonefish, because many times they share the anemone with other marine life like the nice porcelain crab.

As you might know, we are “Inspired By The Sea“, so we hope this t-shirt will inspire your friends and families.

Below you will find our web site address and here you can check out our snorkeling and diving tours for the coming season.

One of our guests bought our T-shirt, and took a picture with the T-shirt on in a characteristic place of her town and sent it to us. We were very happy to see the T-shirt in their home town. Please send your picture to us on our facebook and share this with us.