The adventures of a Kon-Tiki Intern – third week

Snorkeltaxi A-Tiki Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

Busy, but fun!

Hi! Daniel here again. This week have been busy for me as I´ve been everywhere! The week started with Mauro on Sheraton, but I had to leave because Charlie forgot some paper in the shop. I went back on my own, and I almost got lost, but I found my way. The rest of the day I spend with Charlie at Centara as it would´ve been unnecessary to go back to Sheraton out in Klong Muang. I have also been in the dive shop to make price tags and all kinds of other stuff, like cleaning and copying papers. This Saturday I was on the boat but this time I had some different projects to do than usual. I got posters, glue and a scissor from Malene to make flags to the snorkel-taxis that the snorkel guides use. This, so when they snorkel with guests in case of someone getting cramp or needs a rest. I also did some paperwork on the boat. They have a binder on the boat with a lot of paper, but the paper wasn’t at the right place in the binder so I had to organize it. I also helped Caroline with the snorkelers with finding right size fins and masks and then I led all the snorkelers when we were in the water. The week has been hectic but really fun!

It hasn’t been great weather these last few days, but it looks like it’s going to be better.

The adventures of a Kon-Tiki Intern – second week

Loi Khratong Diving Thailand Krabi Kon-Tiki Hi, second week now and Daniel is back in the shop! This month all the male staff are saving a mustache. We are saving a mustache because November is the month to raise awareness for prostate cancer, also known as Movember. To show that we care we let our facial hair grow for a month. The one that got the biggest mustache the end of the month wins.

This Friday I was with Charlie at Sheraton, staying by the pool and offered guests to try SCUBA diving. We also were in the shop that they have at Centara, selling tours and answered to all kinds of questions. This Saturday I stayed with Mauro at our Sheraton office. Both Centara and Sheraton is pretty similar, at Sheraton we also were in the pool and then the shop. The only difference was that Sheraton offered lunch and the hotel is much bigger than Centara. But both of the places are amazing!

Sheraton office Ao Nang khlong Muang Diving Thailand Krabi Kon-TikiThis Sunday me and my friend Martina went out and watched Loi Krathong at Ao Nang beach. We watched people dancing and playing music. We also dropped a Krathong down in the water to bring someone happiness and to pray for others. A Krathong is like a basket with flowers and candles, which you lit together with someone special and send off in the night as the tide is turning. People also light balloons to bring luck as the rise up in the evening sky. Loi Krathong takes place on the evening on the full moon once every 12th month. In the western calendar this usually falls in November. I think this tradition is very beautiful day. Everyone is happy, it’s dark outside and there are candles and music all over town.

The adventure of a Kon-Tiki Trainee – Part 4

Kon-Tiki Trainee on boat

The first day of the week once again, it’s kind of hard to tell what day it is, because you never know when you have your off day, so the week looks something like six Mondays and one Sunday. I like it even if I am a person of routines and planning, very different from Sweden when you know that for example on Thursday; I’m in school until 15.50 and then me and my friends are going to the café to prepare before the hockeygame that night.
To the point, today I was drystaff on Kon-Tiki Krabis Snorkeling Safari. I rather be in the water but someone needs to check so everyone is OK in the water and count everyone in so we won’t forget someone in the water. I meet some really nice Americans that were so social and interested in the Swedish culture. I love to meet new people and give them a nice memory.
Second “Monday”, hehe, I were in the shop together with Jessica and Johanna. I started of the day with some cleaning in the shop and get some extra stuff out in the shop. Later on that day I went with one of our freelancer to check out some houses that she might be interested in. it is a nice break from work to just take a ride with the bike.
Mid-day of the week and I was going to one of our resorts, Sheraton. I was going with Mauro. It was not much to do that day. Just some guests with questions and one who wanted to try scuba in the pool.
Thursday was my second day at our resorts, but this time at Centara with Johan. Not much to do here either. I mostly were alone in the shop, therefore Johan had an OW Student the whole day. For every day that goes, the more fun it gets to meet and talk to the guests.

Thailand Snorkeling

Centara KrabiNo work today. Had plans to go to the beach and maybe take a massage, so I went up at 9am for breakfast, and then took a shower. When I was just on my way out from my room, I checked the sky. Black! There was total blackness and evil. So yeah, I stayed inside, drew some sketches, watched some movies. There you have my off day.
Another day on the boat, this time as a drystaff, not so bad when you have all the lovely guests that we have. This time it was some guys from Australia. Somehow we started talk about Swedish culture and what swedes do on Christmas. They found it hilarious that everyone sit down at 3 pm and watches Donald duck and his friend’s wishes you a happy Christmas. They didn’t have that kind of tradition. It’s fun to see different cultures meet!
Later that night, it was hockey, my beloved Farjestad played against our rivals. It was a special game; my team celebrated their 80’s anniversary. I’m a little sad that I could not participate but I would never trade that game for these two months here. We won that game, (of course!;) ) 4-1, awesome!
Sunday – today is blog work and some things in the shop that needs to be done, so that’s it for this week and I’ll keep in touch and you get to hear from me next week. Bye! 🙂