Awesome Snorkeling at Bida Islands – The best of Phi Phi!

Snorkeling Koh Bida Lion fish Diving Thailand

The most southern sites of the legendary Phi Phi Islands are the Bida Islands. Many rank these as great as the Similan Islands.

During our two snorkeling stops our Professional Kon-Tiki snorkeling guides will teach you about the marine life you will encounter, the snorkeling equipment and how to use it as well as safety procedures.

Depending on currents, wind and weather we choose between Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai or even Hin Bida.

Once in the water they will glide with you over the coral reef, skin diving down to spot critters hiding in the corals, showing you their favorite fish. The reef is covered with all teh tropocal butterfly fishes feeding and also the beautiful damsel fishes. We find “Nemo” the clown anemone fish. A bit deeper you can spot the occasional lionfish searching for food by the protected reef. Often people also find leopard sharks sleeping in the sands and in rare cases great barracudas passing into the blue.

If you or your partner is already a certifed PADI diver or would like to try Scuba Diving, this is a amazing day for both of you!

padi snorkeling course bida phi phi islandspadi snorkeling course bida phi phi islands

Snorkeling at Koh Haa Yai

PADI skin diver and snorkler Koh Haa Yai Krabi Thailand

It actually means five islands in Thai and is known for its crystal clear waters. The protected lagoons shape a breathtaking view. The beautiful beach and the turquoise waters invite you in for snorkeling. You can find yourself glide over some of the most diverse coral reefs in the world combining marine life and all the colors of the rainbow. Follow your professional snorkeling guide and experience the variety in marine life. They will spot the colorful parrot fish, Moorish idols playing together in groups, clown fish swimming in and out of the many different types of anemones you can find here.

Koh Hag Yai holds some of the most diverse coral reefs in the world. Check it out on this link

If you are curious what it feels like breathing underwater? We can introduce you to scuba diving without any previous experience. A perfect alternative for those who might not have the time or want to try diving before taking a full PADI certification.

In high season you can join this tour every Saturday from Ao Nang, Krabi. So get ready to explore some of the best snorkeling South Thailand has to offer!

snorkeling koh haa yai krabi thailandsnorkeling koh haa yai krabi thailand

Never tried Snorkeling or just can’t get enough of Snorkeling?

Snorkeling Bamboo Islands, Phi Phi Islands

If this is your first time snorkeling or just a keen snorkeler, this tour offers the best Snorkeling! Our professional Kon-Tiki snorkeling guides will brief you about the marine life, corals and how to use all the Snorkeling equipment. They guide you along the reef, so you can always be close to our snorkeling guide. We snorkel at one of Thailand’s biggest coral reefs which are located by Bamboo Island! Big corals, clear water and rich marine life we have the perfect environment for great snorkeling. The size of the reef is 4 football pitches and the water depth varies from 2 to 10 meters. Here you can glide over one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Andaman Sea combining marine life and all the colors of the rainbow. You get to explore Hin Klai or Ao Ling, where you can find a great diversity of soft corals and marine life. The dramatic rock formations create shelter for many different species of reef fish. At Koh Yung is our last stop, which offers a splendid variety of different types of corals and colorful reef fish. Check it out

A perfect trip for anyone who loves snorkeling!

PADI Snorkeling guide Krabi ThailandBest snorkeling in Krabi, Thailand

Scuba diving @ Racha Yai and Racha Noi

Racha Yai Scuba Diving

Racha Yai and Racha Noi are two small islands just south of Phuket. They can be reached within one and a half hour from Chalong Pier where all dive boats leave from, for daily diving & snorkeling adventures!

The two islands consist of a ton of small bays, with the bays on Racha Yai imaginatively named Bay 1, Bay 2, all the way up to Bay 5. The bays of Racha Noi are a bit more imaginative, Marina Bay, Banana Bay, South Bay etc. All of them given the name because of characteristics, which makes each bay distinct, from one and other. Both these islands offer some great visibility and there is always somewhere we can scuba dive.

For instance Marina Bay, is often refer to as the “Bay of surprises” because you never know if you are going to find a beautiful new Nudibranch, a camouflaged Octopus or maybe a giant Manta Ray! This makes scuba diving at Racha Noi super interesting, even when you’ve dived the sites several times, (it’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get) All the bays on Racha Noi are good for all scuba divers out there, with depths ranging from 4-40+ meters. This mixed with corals of all sorts and marine life that are there for your enjoyment makes Racha Noi a super location for your first introduction to the underwater world as a beginner or first timers visiting the dive sites of the Andaman Sea.

The bays of Racha Yai are a little bit different from the bays at Racha Noi. Here the bays are a little bit shallower, but this gives us some beautiful light on the seabed and it’s perfect for long dives with your underwater camera. One of the nice touches of Racha Yai is our two small wrecks just on the outside of Bay 1, these wrecks rest at 16-23 meters, so everybody can join in for a dive here. This dive will end inside the bay in 5 meters of water, among the corals, and the light from the sun playing on the sandy bottom.

That is diving at Racha Noi and Racha Yai! Contact Kon-Tiki Phuket if you are interested in diving these dive sites.

Racha Yai Scuba Diving Moray EelRacha Noi Manta Phuket Scuba Diving

What is a thermocline?

Scuba diving in Thermocline krabi thailand

During many scuba dives you have properly experienced this, but not sure what exactly it is??

Water forms different layers based on temperature, which can be abrupt in very calm water. You can actually be diving in 29 degrees by the Phi Phi islands here in the Andaman Sea and stick your hand down and feel the difference in temperature to 27 degrees .

Sometimes you can even see this appearing on a distance in clear visibility; it is like a glittering rising from a hot asphalt road, caused by a mix of 2 different temperature layers.

You can find this in both fresh and salt water, lakes, quarries and ponds during summer. It forms due to the summer sun, which heats the surface’s water. Due to the density difference between warm and cold water, the cold water sinks down while the warm water rises. A clear, strong border exists between the two bodies of water with the thermocline in between.

Sometimes it can be very hard to predict whether the visibility will improve or decrease below the thermocline. Actually thermoclines are complex and hard to predict. At different points of the sea several meters apart on the same day, the depth, thickness, and temperature of the thermocline can vary significantly. Not all of the causes and reasons for these variations are known, but they can be caused by winds, currents, and other dynamic forces.

Did you know? You will never find a temperature lower than 3 degrees below a thermocline. Because liquid water is densest at this temperature, and the density begins to decrease again from 0-3 degrees.

scuba diving in Thermocline krabi Thailand

Four de-commissioned Thai Navy vessels to be sunk off Krabi

This story was published in The Phuket News last month.

Four de-commissioned Thai Navy vessels to be sunk off Krabi Thailand’s Royal Navy has agreed to hand over four decommissioned vessels for use in a Krabi undersea marine park projected by the provincial office, it was reported Wednesday. The project is aimed at increasing knowledge of undersea life and increasing tourism resources at Koh Phi Phi. Chuan Pukaoluan, appointed chairman of the Governor’s Council of Advisors on Provincial Development, said the Undersea Knowledge Park project originated in the council, which requested the warships in 2010. “Our goal is to conserve and revive the undersea and coastal resources of Krabi,” Chuan said.

“The Navy has now agreed to hand over the ships,” he said, naming the vessels Pra Tong, Kolam, Talibong, and Rawee – all de-commissioned.

“These warships that will be sunk in the undersea marine park are quite important,” he explained, “because, as man-made coral reefs, they will serve as nurseries for conserving immature sea life, protecting them from illegal fishing.”

He also noted the ships will add to Krabi’s tourist attractions and become “an enhanced feature of provincial development.”

He said the vessels will be turned over to Krabi “sometime this month.”

“Presently they are in the cleaning stage,” Sombat said. “I expect in two months they can be towed to Krabi.” He said towing the ships to Krabi would cost “about ten million baht, which is all coming from private sector pockets – it won’t cost the state even one baht.”

Sombat said the project has backing from the Coastal and Marine Resources Department. “One of the ships will be sunk off Phi Phi Lay,” he said, “and three off Koh Yawasam in Tambon Ao Nang of Meuang district, Krabi.”

“I am sure this will be a new choice for tourists in Krabi,” he opined.

Said fellow Council of Advisors member Porthep Siboonreuang: “In addition to becoming a centre for dissemination of knowledge about – and study of – undersea nature, the new park will conserve and revive [the environment in] two places. We expect the resulting increase in tourists wishing to experience the undersea environment will be 5,000 yearly – adding to yearly income by ten million baht.”

It was not reported what facilities, other than the sunken navy vessels, are planned for the park.

Source : Your Krabi / Phuket news

Kon-Tiki Thailand and PADI at the Similan Islands

diving thailand management team technical diving

Kon-Tiki Thailand’s Management team caught a chance for follow up on a PADI Business seminar right at the start off the high season. Members of the Krabi, Koh Lanta & Phuket Branch joined forces to meet with the rest of Thailand’s elite to share business ideas and experiences.

The journey started in different parts of Thailand on Friday afternoon, so when the last email was send, a taxi ride to Khao Lak and we could finally meet up with our other friends from PADI. There was a great turn up from both east and west coast, so soon after greeting everyone, the volume of talking reached 100%.

After a short transfer to Khao Lak Scuba Adventures very own liveaboard Manta Queen we enjoyed a delicious dinner and got our program presented with all the members ready to learn even more.

In the night the boat started its long journey to the Similans and it was announced that we would not only be diving at the Similans, but actually going all the way to Richelieu Rock, which made the whole group extremely happy – Yeah Scuba diving at Richelieu Rock!!!! Thank you Stefan and Mr. Oh for being so generous.

Onboard there was opportunity to try twin set diving, side mount diving and Poseidon’s new Rebreather and with a lot of PADI Diving Instructors onboard wanting to try all the new toys, it is just to get in the line.

Next morning we woke up to clear blue skies and an absolutely calm Andaman Sea, what more can one ask for?! With a couple of twin tanks on our backs we started our descent into the blue blue water with excitement to what this dive would bring. All teams made their way around the site several times shooting away with go pro, video and digital cameras. This dive site is literally covered in beautiful soft corals in all the rainbows colors. You will find groups of fusiliers all over the place and many different species of parrotfish, triggerfish and clownfish hiding. With two dives at Richelieu Rock and the boat just parked above us, made it a perfect day. We finished early afternoon, having time to work on the tan between the dives and fill our stomach with the great food served onboard by the helpful Thai crew. Last dive was a Koh Tachai Pinnacle and we made it back for another snack and a sunset presentation from our favorite PADI Regional Managers Mr. Tony Andrews and Tim Hunt.

diving thailand green turtle similan islands

Next morning at Hin Leuang, right by Koh Bon it was back in the water again and all the divers were waiting with excitement to see the Manta Rays, which this dive site is so famous for. It is quite a deep site and covered in yellow tube corals. We could see as far deep down to the bottom and just saw a leopard shark disappearing even deeper. During the dive a couple of curious green turtles passed us closely, so we could get our cover photo.

diving thailand rebreather similan islands

Next dive was to try out the Poseidon Rebreather. After a presentation, which PADI instructor Kevin Black from Kiwi Divers in Phuket gave, we were ready to get under water and try out the new toys! What a feeling! In the beginning there was a strange approach to the buoyancy, but after a few minutes we got the hang of it. The fish came a lot closer and just dancing in front of our cameras. After a half an hour try out, we had to let others give it a go, but definitely something worth doing again. Curious after what else was to find at this dive site, we strapped on the twins again and made our way down to the mooring line to check it out. Furthermore we got to investigate the dive sites of the north Similan Island and night diving in Donald Duck Bay.

diving thailand padi sidemount similan islands

We also got a chance to try sidemount diving. This way of configuring your cylinders keeping them on your side, gives a whole new experience of freedom. Even as this has been a standard for some cave divers for long, it has a lot of benefits for us recreational divers as well, like passing through small swim throughs!

As diving is the best part of Similans, let us not forget the powder-white beaches and the amazing boulders, which they are famous for. As the 3rd evening approached we got the experience one amazing sunset, where the skies were in all different nuances of pink!!!

With 9 dives in the log book, this concluded the PADI Business Seminar follow up 2012 for Kon-Tiki Thailand’s Management team. We would like thank PADI Asia Pacific Tony Andrews and Tim Hunt for arranging the great event, Khao Lak Scuba Adventure for making it happen, Coral Grand, Sairee Cottage, Buddha View, Bans Diving Resort, Planet Scuba, Sail Rock Divers, Sunrise Divers, Triton, Ocean Geo, Kiwi Divers and all others for making it such a successful weekend.

diving thailand sunset similan islands

Malene Jensen

General Manager, Kon-Tiki Krabi