The adventures of a Kon-Tiki Intern – third week

Snorkeltaxi A-Tiki Krabi Ao Nang Thailand

Busy, but fun!

Hi! Daniel here again. This week have been busy for me as I´ve been everywhere! The week started with Mauro on Sheraton, but I had to leave because Charlie forgot some paper in the shop. I went back on my own, and I almost got lost, but I found my way. The rest of the day I spend with Charlie at Centara as it would´ve been unnecessary to go back to Sheraton out in Klong Muang. I have also been in the dive shop to make price tags and all kinds of other stuff, like cleaning and copying papers. This Saturday I was on the boat but this time I had some different projects to do than usual. I got posters, glue and a scissor from Malene to make flags to the snorkel-taxis that the snorkel guides use. This, so when they snorkel with guests in case of someone getting cramp or needs a rest. I also did some paperwork on the boat. They have a binder on the boat with a lot of paper, but the paper wasn’t at the right place in the binder so I had to organize it. I also helped Caroline with the snorkelers with finding right size fins and masks and then I led all the snorkelers when we were in the water. The week has been hectic but really fun!

It hasn’t been great weather these last few days, but it looks like it’s going to be better.

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