The adventures of a Kon-Tiki intern – fourth week

It’s another week again so here I am!

This Monday I was on the snorkeling safari for the first time and it was great! My job activity this day was to fix the last boat taxi and bring it to Ing-marie, Kon-Tiki´s smaller boat. Now both of their boats have them. The day after I was in the shop was we were making the schedule for the weeks depending on how many guests they have booked. I also went to Kon-Tiki´s dive center to leave some DSD papers (Discover Scuba Diving), talk to costumers and placing out new goods. This week I also been to the Sunset BBQ for the first time, it was raining but we had a lot of fun anyway! When we were night snorkeling I saw something that I have never seen, it was glowing dots in the ocean. These dots come from a plant down in the water that sends out particles that glows when you move your arms or legs. It was very cool experience.

This Saturday I had my day off so me, Martina and another friend went to try Muay Thai, which is traditional Thai boxing. It was a very rough work out, but it was also really fun. Today I’ve been with Mauro at Sheraton. When I and Mauro came there were people in the pool who were doing aerobics so we couldn’t have any try-dives at first.  But eventually we could do some try dives with different families and their children got to swim around with diving equipment.

Daniel Nilsson,

Kon-Tiki Trainee