The adventure of a Kon-Tiki Trainee – Part 3

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Today I was at Nopparat Thara beach to show people who we are and what we are doing. It’s an event to get the high season going.  As we are in Thailand, this is not that well planned as in Sweden but as I said, it’s Thailand.

On the Sunday evening the regional manager from PADI were coming to us and teach us how to get better at the things we do. He told us how we could use our Facebook page in a better way than we did and what is ok to post and what is not ok. His name was Tony and I think I speak for every one of us when I say that he’s sense of humor was hilarious.

The middle of the week and I was out on the boat with Tony to take some photos to put up on our Facebook page. With no warning they told me that I was supposed to dive and take a few pictures of some open water students. I am indescribably happy for that because when we got down, we had the luck to get pretty close to a leopard shark. Such as calm animal, not a sign of stress as we approached. That moment will be with me during the whole trip and even when I get back home.

Towards the end of the week I started my Advanced Open Water course. It was not any problems at all, just some skills in the water, some experiments and a LOT of fun! One thing that was very cool was an experiment with a bag (with crisps), we brought the bag down to 30 meters and then picked it up and looked at it, all the red colors were gone, then you could see and understand the sun’s reflection into the water. Amazing!

Friday was the second day of the course and also the last. We tried some hovering skills and a bit of navigation. The greatest thing with the day was that we saw sharks, black tip reef shark. I just love these animals! The way they are moving, their awesome eyes and of course the “scary fin”. But still, I have huge respect for them. I am a guest in their world and if they wanted to do anything to me, I would not stand a chance.

Finally, my day off! Not such great weather so I went down to she shop and checked everything out, then I just relaxed at my room with a couple of good movies and some artwork.

Today is the last day of the week and I am sitting here and writhing on my blog. I have not a single clue about what the next week will offer, but I guess it is just to wait and see, exiting!

Hope you all have had a nice week and I just want to say hello to all of my friends back in Sweden, I miss you all!! I’ll see you soon! Have a great day.

Hin Muang at 50 meters – Quest for the purple fire goby

Purple fire goby technical diving thailand kon-tiki koh lanta

Kon-Tiki has finished “Tectober”, now November has come and with this a couple of new technical divers are certified. Besides Jonatan and Christoffer, Mikael Oddershede completed his PADI Tec40 and Tec45 course, where the qualifying dive was made in Song Hong. Apart from making the decompression dive according to plan, we have now managed to map up the various lines leading in to the darkness of the cave done by previous expeditions.

Kai was the last student in October where he over 15 dives qualified as a PADI Tec Deep diver taking the 40, 45 and 50 courses. For the final dives we had the chance to explore the deepest parts of two well-known dive sites.

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang is possibly the deepest reefs in Thailand where you still can find untouched coral down at 50 meters. These underwater mounds are way out from the coast and are usually prone to quite strong currents, this day was no exception. As we enter the water with full gear, we swiftly need to make it to the descent line and continue down. The top layer of plankton and algae is moving swiftly but past 30 meters the world becomes crystal clear and the current ceases.

Down here nitrogen narcosis is very noticeable and needs to be accounted for. Except for clear, warm conditions and “easy” diving like here, we rarely dive deeper than 45 meters on air due to this fact. But with proper training and experience we can let ourselves indulge this new world at the bottom of the sea.

The simple mission of this dive was to get another eye witness to the existence of the purple fire goby. This small but beautiful fish can be found in several places in the world. However here in Thai waters, we have only seen it here, at 50 meters on Hin Muang.

This is only one of the reasons why we go through the challenging courses of technical diving. Would you like to go places and discover parts of reefs few has ever been and seen?

Contact our local techie, Nick

The adventure of a Kon-Tiki trainee

Hello my name is Rasmus Lindgren; I’m 17 years old from Sweden. I’m in the second year of high school and through my school, (Tingvalla high school) I got the opportunity to work at the diving center Kon-Tiki in Ao Nang, Thailand for 2 months. I will be writing on this blog during my time here so my family and whoever might be interested or curious about what I do and maybe consider doing the same thing. I hope to inspire you all!Pool divemaster training thailand

After one week of working I’m starting to get the hang of what we are doing. So far I’ve been just checking everything out.

First day, Monday 15/10: I came to the shop and was just so nervous, for no reason. All of the staff are extremely nice and friendly. I got to do some small paperwork and check if we had the right amount of equipment and write everything down. Also make a list of the new staff and every phone number.

Tuesday 16/10: This morning I wake up early, I was going to join the boat, as a babysitter. The kids were 5 and 7 years old, origins from Spain but moved to London. In the beginning they were like kids are, so very shy they couldn’t even speak. But only after about 10 minutes the tried to teach me some card game that I didn’t get the hang of really, but they were happy every time they won. When the guests came up and we headed home, it started to rain and you could see by the horizon that it was raining cats and dogs. The kids fell asleep at the same point the parent sat down beside them.
It was a great day that gave me so much experience, just the feeling that two persons that never seen me before, trust me to look after their kids while they are deep down in the sea.

Wednesday 17/10: The day started off with a long bike ride to Sheraton. It was a fun ride because I had my teacher Dan behind me, and every time I Accelerated, he grabbed my shoulders harder and harder. Poor man. Sheraton is a 5 star resort just by the sea. (If you have seen the movie; the hangover part 2, the check in scene is recorded at Sheraton.) When we got there we opened the shop and made everything ready for the day. Between 10am-11am and 3pm-4pm the hotel guests had a possibility to try scuba diving in the pool. Most children were interested but not so many. Instead of just sitting in the sun, I got to try some skills just for fun. The day was over within a blink and me and Dan tried to figure the way home, but we made it pretty good I Think, although he was frightened the entire trip.Sheraton divemaster training thailand

Thursday 18/10: The morning started off sort of exiting. To get to the Centara hotel you need to walk a monkeytrail over a hill and then down to the hotel area. It was the same routine as at Sheraton. Not much to tell about this day but still it’s fun to help people.

Friday 19/10: Another day at Sheraton, today with just talking English. I don’t mind, I think it’s great to speak English for a whole day because you improve the pronunciation of yours. Today I learned most of the equipment and it’s not as much as I thought it would be. The man I was working with today, Mauro who’s Italian sure knew how to drive.

Saturday 20/10: My first day off from work and I had some plans what I Wanted to do but, after one week working in 30 degrees, you are tired so me and Jessica, (my friend from school) just lied at the beach just relaxing. It was an amazing day, the best since we got here. Lucky us!

Sunday 21/10: Today the day has just started and I’m doing some small jobs in the shop and writing on this blog. We’ll see what else will happen today.

More about me and the work next week, hope that you will follow me and my adventures. Have an awesome day. Bye!


Back in the blue

PADI advanced open water diver diving thaiand koh lantaThe season is slowly catching momentum here on Koh Lanta. Friends and colleagues meeting up again at restaurants, schools, dive centers and on the dive boats. New staff members are introduced. It’s a happy crowd with expectations for the upcoming months.

After a summer of nice diving in Sweden and the Mediterranean, I do my first dives for the season on beautiful Koh Bida Nok and Hin Bida, followed by a day at Koh Haa. It’s an Advanced Open Water course, five dives to broadening the students experience and knowledge of diving.

Bida Nok is at its best, crystal clear water, no current and an abundance of life as we do the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, playing with weights, hovering around, laughing the mask full and pausing to watch a sea krait pass by, or a particular pretty dotted box fish nearby.

At Hin Bida we do a Fish ID, identifying what we see to read further about fishes amazing characteristics on the boat later.
Schools of Glass fish and fusilier in thousands are drifting, moving like clouds between the corals. We get to watch the amazing propulsion of a cuttle fish, when suddenly, a beautiful leopard shark slowly approaches us and pass close by.

The second day at Koh Haa, we do a deep dive to 28m outside Koh Haa#4, checking what happens with the colors at depth, then visiting the clownfish and get to follow a Peacock Mantis shrimp run over the sand.

A navigation dive and a drift dive later, the world has another PADI Advanced Open Water Diver! Congratulations Samantha!

I love my work!


Joachim Schmidt

Destination Krabi joins Divers Night 2012

Divers night thailand kon-tiki krabiAs darkness and cold starts coming to the more northern parts of the world, we begin the countdown to the annual Divers Night. This started as a world record event 8 years ago in Norway. The plan was to get as many people night diving at the same time all over the world. It has been a had great success; the world record is currently from 2009 where 2749 divers on 218 dive sites in 20 countries managed to get themselves in full scuba equipment, submerged at the same time.

This year, Divers night is on the 1st of November and the time everyone should be underwater in their scuba equipment is 20:12.We will organize a 3 dive trip at the Ao nang islands where the 3rd dive is free of charge, and of course counting towards the world record attempt. Once our Night diving is over we will register everyone, to track if we have beaten the record? This is a perfect opportunity to see our beloved ocean in a whole new light (darkness?). To see the different behavior during these hours, and also experiencing the illuminating green plankton as the try to escape. It’s possible to do this as a part of your PADI Advanced open water diver course or if you would be interested in doing the PADI Night diver specialty course. Who knows, maybe this year we will break the record of 2009.

For more information contact Conny at