Hin Muang at 50 meters – Quest for the purple fire goby

Purple fire goby technical diving thailand kon-tiki koh lanta

Kon-Tiki has finished “Tectober”, now November has come and with this a couple of new technical divers are certified. Besides Jonatan and Christoffer, Mikael Oddershede completed his PADI Tec40 and Tec45 course, where the qualifying dive was made in Song Hong. Apart from making the decompression dive according to plan, we have now managed to map up the various lines leading in to the darkness of the cave done by previous expeditions.

Kai was the last student in October where he over 15 dives qualified as a PADI Tec Deep diver taking the 40, 45 and 50 courses. For the final dives we had the chance to explore the deepest parts of two well-known dive sites.

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang is possibly the deepest reefs in Thailand where you still can find untouched coral down at 50 meters. These underwater mounds are way out from the coast and are usually prone to quite strong currents, this day was no exception. As we enter the water with full gear, we swiftly need to make it to the descent line and continue down. The top layer of plankton and algae is moving swiftly but past 30 meters the world becomes crystal clear and the current ceases.

Down here nitrogen narcosis is very noticeable and needs to be accounted for. Except for clear, warm conditions and “easy” diving like here, we rarely dive deeper than 45 meters on air due to this fact. But with proper training and experience we can let ourselves indulge this new world at the bottom of the sea.

The simple mission of this dive was to get another eye witness to the existence of the purple fire goby. This small but beautiful fish can be found in several places in the world. However here in Thai waters, we have only seen it here, at 50 meters on Hin Muang.

This is only one of the reasons why we go through the challenging courses of technical diving. Would you like to go places and discover parts of reefs few has ever been and seen?

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Winter season is about to hit the west coast of Thailand and all preparations are done. Kon-Tiki is in full swing of educating their staff to become even better divers. First off to reach a new qualification is Christoffer and Jonatan that together with Nick completed their PADI Tec 40 course. The qualifying dive was conducted in the small deep lake of Song Hong, to get a taste of what technical diving is all about.

Technical diving thailand koh lanta october

The PADI Tec 40 course is a well-balanced technical introduction course which incorporates pool or limited open water for skill practice, simulated training dives and a final decompression dive. During the course the candidates will learn how to plan technical dives with mixed gas switches, practice on simulated emergencies and get understandings of team diving.

This course was just the start of the month that goes by the name of Tectober, as several technical courses are lined up from Monday and onwards. Come join us and extend your diving skills and knowledge.

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