Do you easy get ear infections? Do you having problems to equalize?


Don’t let these problems spoil you’re next scuba dives or a part of the holiday, Doc’s Proplugs can be the solution for you. Doc’s Proplugs are an earplug developed and designed since 1977 to keep water out from your ear while you diving. By the special design the earplugs are vented to allow equalization and at the same time keep dirty water out which will make the risk of ear infection reduces and it will also become easier to equalize. The earplugs are performed in silicone to be comfortable during long dives and you can choose in 8 different sizes to fit just your ear. And while you not scuba diving, you can bring them in to the swimming pool that often are heavily chlorinated to prevent your ear to dry out or on the snorkeling tour.

Without ear protection, 65% of scuba divers suffer from ear problems (source: DAN)

Next time you are in Thailand and signing up for a PADI course, diving or snorkeling trip consider if your ears are worthy one investment. Kon-Tiki Thailand is the only distributor in Thailand of Doc’s Proplugs. Just step in to one of over shop’s and we will make sure you get the right size on your pair.


Doc’s Proplugs