Weird creature of the month – January

Christmas Tree worm diving thailand kon-tiki dive and snorkeling center krabi koh lanta phuket khao lakSmall bright colors on the reef attracts you attention, but as you come closer it suddenly disappears straight into the coral. What was that? This, my friends is the Christmas tree worm that lives burrowed in a tube on stony corals around at the reef.

This “tube” serves as a home and a protection against other animals. It’s actually so cozy that the worm never leaves. Not only can it hide in there, but the worm has also got a lid for the top, making it a well-protected bunker.

The part of the Christmas tree that you see is a kind of mouth, which it uses for feeding and for “breathing”. This kind of feeding is called filter feeding and what’s on the menu? Plankton and other microorganisms.

They are located from the Caribbean sea to the Indo-pacific, so where’s warm water and corals, you find this guys.