Kon-Tiki Trainees Simon and Iman Blog 3

Kon-Tiki boat Andaman Sea


So, new week and guess what? It has just flown by so fast that I hardly can remember it. I joined the boat on Saturday where I got to dive on Monkey Bay with Malene, Johan and Iman, the dive was yet again as always amazing and I saw a few clown fishes and lots of other fishes, after that we headed off to Monkey Bay for snorkeling where we saw a water worm and Iman got so scared! Our last stop for the day was Mosquito Island where my duty was to be a dry staff so I got a chance to work on my tan while helping snorkelers get out of the water and counting them!

On Monday I went to Bida Island where I was a dry staff, not much for me to see but the divers saw a leopard shark, turtles and all other kind of amazing creatures, of course I’m not jealous at all! I was stationed at Centara Grand Resort with Felicia on Tuesday and it was just a calm day, a few guest’s that wanted to rent the kayaks and a few other curious guests that was interested in diving. On Wednesday I didn’t go to Phi Phi and I didn’t manage to get a slice of that gorgeous pizza which is a shame. Instead I was at the shop and helped customers and washed the windows. On Thursday I joined Magne to Sheraton and saw a few elephants on the way over there. Well at Sheraton resort I cleaned the shop and washed the windows, I must say that they sure look good now. Also on Friday I joined Fredrik and Conny with their discover scuba diving students which was super exciting! We did three dives and I got to act as a dive master for Daniel who is from Finland, well down at ten meters depth we saw a turtle and bunch of other cool fishes, I must say that the facial expression you get from the students after such a great dive is just fantastic, personally there is nothing better than to see a diver so happy after a dive and that’s why I want to work with diving in the future.

The days just fly by and today it’s my last day here before heading home. My stay here has been amazing and quite hard to describe since no day have ever been the same, although I’ve learnt something new every day and it’s been a blast down here.

Cheers readers!

Kon-Tiki Krabi trainee

Kon-Tiki Trainees Simon and Iman Blog 2

Iman Simon Johan

This week was an amazing week. The week started with me (Iman) on the boat to the Bida Islands, where I worked like dry staff. That was the first time for me on the boat so it was very exciting. Thursday Simon and I was in the dive center and helping out Nikko with the cleaning. We also went to Krabi town on a little adventure with the drivers to pick up wood and tool for our work shop heheh. Wednesday I was at the shop with Erika. The best day at the week was Thursday when I helped Andre with his open water course and that was the first dive I did in Thailand 🙂
Friday I’m off because we are going on the snorkel safari and help Malene and I really hope it will be fun. I will tell you more about this in my next blog. Keep tuned in.

Iman Malene

So my second week in lovely Ao Nang, I (Simon) helped PADI Instructor Magne at Sheraton one day, i got to clean and sort with the scuba equipment our dive center another day. Had a lovely giant angus beef and assisted on an PADI Open water course. Yet again I also managed to get a pizza slice at Phi Phi Island that was even better this time.  Tomorrow we’re heading off to Koh Haa Yai. No diving for me since im a dry staff this day, but hopefully I’ll get to work on my tan. So far my stay in Ao Nang have been just mindblowning and the guys at Kon-Tiki are just the best, and makes my stay here a memory for life, that I hopefully will never forget.


Kon-Tiki Trainees Simon and Iman

Iman and Simon at Kon-Tiki Krabi in Ao Nang Thailand

Iman and Simon

Newly arrived Kon-Tiki Trainees Simon and Iman. They will keep you posted on their adventures here at Kon-Tiki Krabi. This is their first blog.

So finally in Ao Nang at Kon-Tiki, the trio went troublefree, we landed on monday and got to know the small town à little better. On tuesday was our first day at Kon-Tiki where we spent our time by being in the shop and doing different work task like copying papper, writing sizes on the lifejackets for the boat trip on wednesday. The day just flew by and it was time to head home but first we had to get some food and i had green curry chicken with rice at nice little restaurant by the beachfront.

On wednesday I started my day by heading to the dive center where we got to pack the necessary things such as bcd, fins, mask and much more. After that we headed for the beach where we got picked up on à longtail boat that drove us to the ship that we will use, well on the ship i got to be à dry staff which means that its my duty to make sure that everybody gets onboard after the dives, but first we headed to Phi Phi Island which is à small island between Krabi and Phuket. There i got a guided tour by Nikko who is à snorklemaster. After our little visit we headed off to the dive and snorkeling sites. On thursday i followed Magne to Centara which is à resort, Kon-Tiki has à little shop there where you can sign up for courses and tours, but of course you can always try diving there. Magne had full up with his open water student so i watched the shop with Felicia who also works at Kon-tiki and is also an instructor. My days have just been flying by and tomorrow I’m being à victim on Connys rescue course and I’m really looking forward to it. My few days here have been absolutely amazing and I think that everybody should try diving.

Simon and Iman!

Three Generations of Divers

padi discover scuba diving thailand family Recently I realized I might have one of the best jobs in the world! This is when you are sitting onboard Kon-Tiki Krabis Petchmanee 10 on the way back from a beautiful day at the sea, surrounded by smiles on new divers and snorkeler’s faces. You ask yourself? How often does one get the possibility to dive with 3 different generations from the one and same family?

Here is a great example on a family who loves the sea, marine life and everything in between……

One early morning with all of our guest on Petchmanee, we aim for the famous Phi Phi islands. Once PADI Discover Scuba Diving papers are filled out, we can get started with the different briefings. Some are snorkeling, some diving the first time and some old timers with 3 digit numbers in their log books. However all have the same passion for the marine life and it is great to share this. When all PADI briefings are done, questions answered and the equipment is assembled it is time to get in the water.

After skills are practiced and divers fell comfortable in the water it is time to venture a bit deeper to see what we can find and within minutes the inhabitants of the sea bid us welcome. Banded Sea snake is spotted, in the search for food between the corals, the famous clown anemone fish is trying to chase us away from the anemone and schools of snappers are circling around us. Seeing the eyes grow into tea cups on a 10-year old boy, when he realizes he is looking at something rare and unimaginable as a Tiger tail seahorse, is just fantastic.

padi discover scuba diving thailand family

Feeling the excitement of a man in his 70ties, who have seen most things in his life and still can get amazed by the marine life and how they live in a great eco system, makes you look forward to that time in your life.

Looking at the confident diver in his prime time of his life, gliding through the water like a fish and smiling through his mask, when he spot his son and father in the water. Well that just makes one instructor extremely happy.

It is just priceless!!

The best part is that the whole family shares this together with grandmother on the boat keeping a close eye on her precious family. Mom and daughter learned how to snorkel the first time and were fortunate enough to see a baby Black Tip Reef Shark and lots of interesting marine life.

One the way home time fly, while we fill out the log books and some might have to give in and take a nap, as with so many new impressions it can be hard to keep one eyes open.

I wanted to thank you so much for the visit and I look forward to see you all again.

snorkeling thailand family

Malene Jensen
General Manager
Kon-Tiki Krabi

Ellen and Ottos Trainee Adventure is finished now… going back to School.

Klockan är nu 09. 40 och Otto och jag (Ellen) packar det sista för hemresa. Tre veckor har gått så galet fort och det känns väldigt konstigt att vi redan ska åka hem. Nu är vårat lilla Thailandsäventyr över. Tack för oss!

Kon-Tiki Trainee

(detta är en bild på vårt rum när vi fick det, det ser INTE ut såhär nu 😉 )