Scuba diving @ Racha Yai and Racha Noi

Racha Yai Scuba Diving

Racha Yai and Racha Noi are two small islands just south of Phuket. They can be reached within one and a half hour from Chalong Pier where all dive boats leave from, for daily diving & snorkeling adventures!

The two islands consist of a ton of small bays, with the bays on Racha Yai imaginatively named Bay 1, Bay 2, all the way up to Bay 5. The bays of Racha Noi are a bit more imaginative, Marina Bay, Banana Bay, South Bay etc. All of them given the name because of characteristics, which makes each bay distinct, from one and other. Both these islands offer some great visibility and there is always somewhere we can scuba dive.

For instance Marina Bay, is often refer to as the “Bay of surprises” because you never know if you are going to find a beautiful new Nudibranch, a camouflaged Octopus or maybe a giant Manta Ray! This makes scuba diving at Racha Noi super interesting, even when you’ve dived the sites several times, (it’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get) All the bays on Racha Noi are good for all scuba divers out there, with depths ranging from 4-40+ meters. This mixed with corals of all sorts and marine life that are there for your enjoyment makes Racha Noi a super location for your first introduction to the underwater world as a beginner or first timers visiting the dive sites of the Andaman Sea.

The bays of Racha Yai are a little bit different from the bays at Racha Noi. Here the bays are a little bit shallower, but this gives us some beautiful light on the seabed and it’s perfect for long dives with your underwater camera. One of the nice touches of Racha Yai is our two small wrecks just on the outside of Bay 1, these wrecks rest at 16-23 meters, so everybody can join in for a dive here. This dive will end inside the bay in 5 meters of water, among the corals, and the light from the sun playing on the sandy bottom.

That is diving at Racha Noi and Racha Yai! Contact Kon-Tiki Phuket if you are interested in diving these dive sites.

Racha Yai Scuba Diving Moray EelRacha Noi Manta Phuket Scuba Diving

Where is the Phi Phi islands?


If this is the first time you are in Krabi, Thailand, you can´t leave without having explored the well-known Phi Phi islands. They are difficult to describe using words, the best way is to experience them yourself. The archipelago consists of a total of 6 islands, with the two most famous being Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley. We cruise between the islands and stop along the way. First stop is at Phi Phi Don, which is habited and the most famous of all. You can explore the island at your own pace or just relax on the beach. Phi Phi Don is known as a backpackers paradise with charming small alleyways where you can find souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and a whole lot of other things! 

You will have the chance to enjoy snorkeling in beautiful Viking Bay with our professional snorkeling guides, who will teach you about the marine life. A Thai lunch will be served onboard, while we cruise past the famous ”The Beach” in Maya Bay, known from the Hollywood movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. Last is Koh Yung with the best snorkeling.

Already a diver or would like to try diving? Let us know before and our PADI Instructor will join and teach you how to Scuba dive or guide you along the coral reefs. Don’t miss out on this full day of experiences!

Join our tour Exotic Phi Phi Cruise every Tuesday during June, July and August.


Kon-Tiki Thailand and PADI at the Similan Islands

diving thailand management team technical diving

Kon-Tiki Thailand’s Management team caught a chance for follow up on a PADI Business seminar right at the start off the high season. Members of the Krabi, Koh Lanta & Phuket Branch joined forces to meet with the rest of Thailand’s elite to share business ideas and experiences.

The journey started in different parts of Thailand on Friday afternoon, so when the last email was send, a taxi ride to Khao Lak and we could finally meet up with our other friends from PADI. There was a great turn up from both east and west coast, so soon after greeting everyone, the volume of talking reached 100%.

After a short transfer to Khao Lak Scuba Adventures very own liveaboard Manta Queen we enjoyed a delicious dinner and got our program presented with all the members ready to learn even more.

In the night the boat started its long journey to the Similans and it was announced that we would not only be diving at the Similans, but actually going all the way to Richelieu Rock, which made the whole group extremely happy – Yeah Scuba diving at Richelieu Rock!!!! Thank you Stefan and Mr. Oh for being so generous.

Onboard there was opportunity to try twin set diving, side mount diving and Poseidon’s new Rebreather and with a lot of PADI Diving Instructors onboard wanting to try all the new toys, it is just to get in the line.

Next morning we woke up to clear blue skies and an absolutely calm Andaman Sea, what more can one ask for?! With a couple of twin tanks on our backs we started our descent into the blue blue water with excitement to what this dive would bring. All teams made their way around the site several times shooting away with go pro, video and digital cameras. This dive site is literally covered in beautiful soft corals in all the rainbows colors. You will find groups of fusiliers all over the place and many different species of parrotfish, triggerfish and clownfish hiding. With two dives at Richelieu Rock and the boat just parked above us, made it a perfect day. We finished early afternoon, having time to work on the tan between the dives and fill our stomach with the great food served onboard by the helpful Thai crew. Last dive was a Koh Tachai Pinnacle and we made it back for another snack and a sunset presentation from our favorite PADI Regional Managers Mr. Tony Andrews and Tim Hunt.

diving thailand green turtle similan islands

Next morning at Hin Leuang, right by Koh Bon it was back in the water again and all the divers were waiting with excitement to see the Manta Rays, which this dive site is so famous for. It is quite a deep site and covered in yellow tube corals. We could see as far deep down to the bottom and just saw a leopard shark disappearing even deeper. During the dive a couple of curious green turtles passed us closely, so we could get our cover photo.

diving thailand rebreather similan islands

Next dive was to try out the Poseidon Rebreather. After a presentation, which PADI instructor Kevin Black from Kiwi Divers in Phuket gave, we were ready to get under water and try out the new toys! What a feeling! In the beginning there was a strange approach to the buoyancy, but after a few minutes we got the hang of it. The fish came a lot closer and just dancing in front of our cameras. After a half an hour try out, we had to let others give it a go, but definitely something worth doing again. Curious after what else was to find at this dive site, we strapped on the twins again and made our way down to the mooring line to check it out. Furthermore we got to investigate the dive sites of the north Similan Island and night diving in Donald Duck Bay.

diving thailand padi sidemount similan islands

We also got a chance to try sidemount diving. This way of configuring your cylinders keeping them on your side, gives a whole new experience of freedom. Even as this has been a standard for some cave divers for long, it has a lot of benefits for us recreational divers as well, like passing through small swim throughs!

As diving is the best part of Similans, let us not forget the powder-white beaches and the amazing boulders, which they are famous for. As the 3rd evening approached we got the experience one amazing sunset, where the skies were in all different nuances of pink!!!

With 9 dives in the log book, this concluded the PADI Business Seminar follow up 2012 for Kon-Tiki Thailand’s Management team. We would like thank PADI Asia Pacific Tony Andrews and Tim Hunt for arranging the great event, Khao Lak Scuba Adventure for making it happen, Coral Grand, Sairee Cottage, Buddha View, Bans Diving Resort, Planet Scuba, Sail Rock Divers, Sunrise Divers, Triton, Ocean Geo, Kiwi Divers and all others for making it such a successful weekend.

diving thailand sunset similan islands

Malene Jensen

General Manager, Kon-Tiki Krabi

Bull Sharks & Technical Diving on the Island of Full Moon Parties

Kon-Tiki Thailand’s technical diving team caught a chance for another adventure right before the season starts on the west coast. Full moon was not in sight, but that was not what we came for… this time.

The journey started in Ao Nang 05.15 in the morning, but a sunrise wakeup led to an early arrival in Koh Pha Ngan. Even though the monsoon gives us bad weather on the other side of the narrow country, Koh Pha Ngan offers blue skies and a light breeze, in short, perfect settings! Less people choose to travel here in the end of September, when the green season start due to uncertain weather, but the diving can still be excellent.

Travelling with diving equipment and wanting to stay close to the dive center, we choose to accommodate ourselves at Sail Rock Divers Resort. Because of many recommendations and a very convenient location, Sail Rock Divers was not a though choice.

As the name suggest, the aim of our travel was to explore the world renowned Sail Rock and the dive center here is tailored for it. The last month’s sightings of Bull Sharks were pleasant news to us, as seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild is always a thrill.

Sail Rock Divers are located just off the beach of Chaloklum on the northern part of the island. The beach here is quiet, with a few nice restaurants, bars and according to local sources, the best coffee shop on the island “The Worlds End” right by the pier.

After a day of exploring the island by bike, it was time to finish the technical training for one of the team members on the first trip to the “rock”. After a ride of an hour we suited up, jumped in and descended into the depths of the gulf. The dive site is literally crowded with fish, being the only haven in a large area. We spotted a few new species of reef fish which we don’t have on our coast, but Sail Rock also has some larger species. Huge groupers takes refuge under coral ledges and hundreds of barracudas with large schools of Trevallies are spotted on the outer pinnacles.

With less focus on skill practice for the second dive, we can venture off to the northwest corner to get a glimpse of the newly resided bulls. After a few minutes wait in the blue, dark shadows forms into very recognizable shapes, sharks, sharks, sharks. These 3 meter large animals are very inquisitive and kept coming closer and closer until our bubbles scared them away. This moment would give any experienced diver a warm hearted feeling, which we now hold.

With two dives and a short ride to and from the dive site, we made it back early afternoon, having time to work on the tan and a sunset cocktail. The restaurant and bar in the resort was enough nightlife between the two diving days and we made an early retreat.

On the last day of diving we had prepared for a deeper decompression dive. But having Nitrox in abundance in our doubles, we quickly revised the plan to 30 meters to explore one of the deeper pinnacles and enjoy more time with the Bull Sharks.

With two more dives in the log book, this concluded the PADI Tec 40 course for Malene and one more member of the Kon-Tiki Technical Diver team is welcomed.

We thank Nadine Riebel, Sail Rock Divers, Rachel & Alex and all the staff for making all the arrangements needed to conclude this tour. Be sure that this is not the last you have seen of the west coast gang!

Thank you very much for accommodating us and making us feel right at home from the beginning!!

We need your Help!

Kon-Tiki Dive Boat Koh Lanta
In October 2006 Kon-Tiki Thailand took delivery of M/V Ingorntravel 5.

At the time the second fully owned vessel (after our faithful workhorse M/V Ingmarie) and the beginning of the Kon-Tiki fleet. She sailed her first year of service for Kon-Tiki Krabi, and has after that been servicing our customers at Kon-Tiki Lanta. After this many years of great service she is now undergoing a major facelift, to ensure that she remains as THE top boat on Koh Lanta.

In conjunction with this, we want to take this opportunity to rename her. As her original name was chosen by the boat builder, we now want to give her a name that is relevant to Kon-Tiki, Thailand & the Andaman Sea.

Please give us your suggestions! But you have to be quick as we need this latest by Friday 17th of August. The winning suggestion will receive a nice price. Send us a message on Facebook or fill out the form below, good luck!

(the jury’s decision is final, and cannot be appealed)

A Tuk Tuk Charity Drive

“The first sight of the tuk tuk was good, after I got behind the wheel for a small try out I was wondering “what where we thinking”
We learned one thing; we have to stop making plans like these when we are drinking. To operate this vehicle you have to imagine the following; you sit in the front of the Tuk Tuk on top of a loud and hot engine.”

On the 23rd of June, 5 men set off in a Tuk Tuk to drive from Bangkok to Ao Nang. This in the name of charity to raise money for the Tsunami victims. Here is what happened…

Part I      Part II      Ceremony

Tuk Tuk Charity Drive Bangkok Ao Nang Thailand

Gidi – Carnivore Steak & Grill Ao Nang
Stefan – Kon-Tiki Thailand
Inge – Krabi Apartments
Svein – Baan Sawan Resort
Terje – Tourist / Supporter


July Special – Speciality for FREE!

If you are planning a trip to Thailand this season, sign up for a five day dive package with us and get a specialty for free. Remember that you also have a 15% discount on the package! Choose from:

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver – value 4,900 baht
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PADI Nitrox Course Diving Thailand Kon-Tiki Thailand
The booking has to be paid before 31st of July for this offer to be valid and cannot be combined with other offers.

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