Kon-Tiki Sunglass straps

Kon-Tiki Sunglass strap

Tired of always losing your sunglasses.

After seeing all our Instructors coming home without glasses after a day on the boat, we finally took action and made our very own Kon-Tiki Sunglass straps. Because they are made of neoprene, they make sure that if you should accidentally drop them in the water, they won´t sink as fast as a normal sun glass strap. This might give you the chance to grab them before disappearing down into the blue. They come in different colors with our great logo printed on the back of it. So, make sure you spend your money on something better than just buying new sun glasses every 2nd day.

Kon-Tiki Thailands very own fish T-shirt

Kon-Tiki Thailand Fish T-Shirt

Ever wondered what souvenir’s to bring home to your friends??

Search no further, but get the Kon-Tiki fish T-shirt, it is made in 100% cotton and you can find them in green, black, blue and red. We have them available from kid’s sizes in XS, S, M and L as well as adults in size S, M, L, and XL. They are just 300 THB.

It has our traditional Kon-Tiki logo in the top left side of the chest. But the best thing is the back.

Here you can find some of most popular fishes of the Andaman Sea. Weather you spotted a sea snake when snorkeling on Bamboo Islands on our Snorkeling Safari tour or you saw a sleeping Leopard Shark around the Phi Phi Islands you can find them on the back. Together with many others like the Lion Fish, Moorish Idol and even a hawksbill turtle.

My preferred one? The Clark’s anemonefish, because many times they share the anemone with other marine life like the nice porcelain crab.

As you might know, we are “Inspired By The Sea“, so we hope this t-shirt will inspire your friends and families.

Below you will find our web site address and here you can check out our snorkeling and diving tours for the coming season.

One of our guests bought our T-shirt, and took a picture with the T-shirt on in a characteristic place of her town and sent it to us. We were very happy to see the T-shirt in their home town. Please send your picture to us on our facebook and share this with us.

Kon-Tikis 2GB USB mass storage device

Kon-Tiki USB stick Thumb drive 2 GB

Are you planning a vacation in Thailand? Why not enjoy one of Kon-Tiki Thailands diving and snorkeling tours, rent one of our underwater cameras or video to take some amazing pictures or video of the amazing marine life? This way you can keep the memories alive and show your friends and family around the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

Even if this is your first PADI Course it is always fun to take pictures of yourself under water, the fish and remember your fellow students from your open water course.

Once you have taken all the pictures, we will put your images on your very own Kon-Tiki USB stick.

Just a 400 THB extra you can have your images on a Kon-Tiki USB 2 GB mass storage device.

Why? It’s easy to carry, it’s fast and now you can find USB players almost everywhere (television, car, laptop, personal computer). Plus after few years the CD-rom sometimes can get damaged or unreadable, with Kon-Tiki USB 2 GB no problems at all.

Get ready to relive your holiday memories from Amazing Thailand.

Protecting and makes you look nice at the same time!

Kon-Tiki Rashguard Snorkeling Scuba diving

Do you love diving, snorkeling or just lay on the beach for sunbathing but you hate this moment when you need to put sun lotion on to protect yourself from the strong sun here in Thailand? Or you don´t like to argue with you children anymore to put the lotion on? We have the solution! It is so easy to bring with you, easy to put on, soft and comfortable to wear, protect you from the sun and makes you look nice and cool at the Ao Nang beach in Krabi – It is the Kon-Tiki Rashguards I am talking about!

As a Scuba Instructor, im more less every day out on the sea around Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang islands or in the swimming pool in Sheraton or Centara and I want to UV-protect myself from the strong sun here in Thailand. The KonTiki rashguard is so nice, soft and comfortable to wear. I enjoy being in the water for hours without burning myself, and of course I look super cool in my Kon-Tiki Rashguard!

Sizes differ from the youngest family members to the oldest. We have different sizes that fit the whole family.

Take the easy way to protect your body from the sun? And the most important when you are spending time snorkeling, diving or sunbathing, who don´t want to look nice at the same time?

Come in to our dive center and make the perfect investment for your holiday.

What are you waiting for?

Did you know? Some sun lotions can actually harm our sensitive corals and marine life and is bad for the environment – so to protect the environment throw your sun lotion, the Kon-Tiki Rashguard is here.

Kon-Tiki Rashguard Snorkeling Scuba diving

Kon-Tiki Rashguard Snorkeling Scuba diving