Sidemount diving – why fix it, if it ain’t broken?

Sidemount diving thailand ao nang krabi koh lantaThe diving community is growing and getting older and we divers are finding new ways to keep inspired. One of the latest trends is to strap two cylinders on the side, reconfigure regulators & hoses and put a small bladder on the back, all put together with black rubber bands. I’m talking about Sidemount diving, an old cave diving method now adapted to be a recreational open water option.

Was there a problem having a cylinder on the back, why this change? Is it a cry out for attention, a way to gather likes on social media, or is it to show off new shiny gear? Probably all three, as divers are very much human too.

Well, new gear, new methods and new skills, keep divers diving. So this means that the biggest reason divers change something that works already, is the challenge to develop and perfect.

The reality is, after a while, most divers will find a sense of boredom after visiting the same dive sites and seeing the same marine life over and over again. This is not likely to change, so let’s change the way of diving and we will keep on submerging ourselves as soon as there is chance to.

So, even as parrotfish and sea anemones are beautiful to look at, a lot of divers find more stimulation in perfecting technique and equipment configuration. Yes, this seems very nerdy, but think about it. When you reach perfect balance, streamlining, buoyancy and trim, you can´t help feeling a sense of achievement.

So, are you a diver that is up for a rewarding challenge?

20 days left…

TDEX Winner Joseph & Maria visits Kon-Tiki

TDEX Bangkok winner Kon-Tiki Dive trip with hotel and flightsDuring our days of exhibition in Bangkok, in March 2013, we had a contest were the winner won 2 days of diving, flights, transport and accommodation for 2 people. This weekend the proud winners finally arrived ready for 2 days of adventure.

Sadly the weather wasn’t the best on their first day – but hey, diving is always good – you´ll get wet anyway!  

On our first day, we had an adventurous trip, out to the Ao Nang islands in a private boat. From Klong Haeng Pier we loaded everything on and cruised off. We had time to enjoy the view, set up the equipment and do a dive briefing.  We moved for our dive on Koh Talu, which is one of the most popular dive sites here. We had the whole dive site to ourselves, and had a very nice dive with lots of beautiful corals and lots of marine life; there were stingrays, triggerfish, razorfish and a lot more. The perfect start for a “dive adventure”.

The second day was a relaxing cruise out to the world famous Phi Phi Islands on our big dive boat Petchmanee. The time out was used for setting up our equipment and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the giant limestone cliffs and socialize with the other guests. The first dive was at Viking Bay, as we arrived we jumped in the water to blow some bubbles… It was a fantastic dive where we have seen moray eels, huge porcupinefish and even a leopard shark!! After the dive we had a lunch break, and second dive was at Phi Ley Wall. Here we dived along the wall for another beautiful dive, featuring all the colors of the rain bow in form of Gorgonians and other soft corals. We spotted Scorpion fish, several different species of clown fish, cleaner shrimps and more of their friends.

To make it short; 2 wonderful days of diving!!!

We want to thank Joseph and Maria for their visit and hope to see them and their friends again.



Kon-Tiki Krabi´s International Beach Clean Up – 2013

Kon-tiki krabi clean up day 2013 all volunteersAs with all the previous years we always look forward to September with excitement, the clean-up day is here.

We prepared ourselves with all necessary equipment like rubbish bags, gloves, fruit and drinks, data sheet, 1st aid kit and of course all of the prizes from our generous sponsors. After all the banners were in place, prizes displayed, rubbish bags and information posters were in place, we got started.

We welcomed all of our volunteers, dive guests, KRABI tourist police, and a team of almost 14 people from Macro, Paulo, the owner from Long tail boat restaurant, and some tourists. All in all we were about 50 people gathering rubbish on Ao Nang beach, willing to make an impact for the environment.

Everyone got divided into teams and was provided 1 big rubbish bag, 1 big ice bag (for more dangerous materials) and latex gloves to use when picking up all the garbage with. We also informed and provided our collectors with data sheets from Project AWARE, so we could record all of our findings. This information will send to Project AWAREs database, being an important tool for Project AWARE, as they lobby different governments on what is happening and how the environment is affected. But also to keep statistics if we get more or less debris as the years goes by.

Cleanup dady 2013 Kon-Tiki Diving & Snorkeling Center Ao Nang

The day was a great success and just this morning we managed to collect 106 kg of rubbish in just 2 hours.

To make it more exciting for our volunteers we made the day in to a small contest with our sponsors handing out the following prizes.

1st prize – Aqualung Departure bag (value of 6890 baht) donated from Aquamaster in Phuket

2nd prize – Dinner for two at Carnivore Steak & Grill (value of 2000 baht) & Pepeete Snorkeling set from One Stop

3rd prize – Mix of swimming goggles, rash guard from One Stop and many different items from Blue Mango Restaurant

There were of course the Project AWARE diplomas, as well as other small handout to other participants, like the Krabi tourist police and to MACRO who all helped out with the beach cleaning.

It was a perfect day with small glimpses of sun, even though the rain was pouring down on us.

Kon-Tiki Krabi would like to send a big thank you to our Sponsors

Sponsors cleanupday ao nang 2013

More happenings coming up in high season, so keep posted for “Dive for Earth” and “Divers Night”!!

Kon-Tiki Krabi

A Tuk Tuk Charity Drive

“The first sight of the tuk tuk was good, after I got behind the wheel for a small try out I was wondering “what where we thinking”
We learned one thing; we have to stop making plans like these when we are drinking. To operate this vehicle you have to imagine the following; you sit in the front of the Tuk Tuk on top of a loud and hot engine.”

On the 23rd of June, 5 men set off in a Tuk Tuk to drive from Bangkok to Ao Nang. This in the name of charity to raise money for the Tsunami victims. Here is what happened…

Part I      Part II      Ceremony

Tuk Tuk Charity Drive Bangkok Ao Nang Thailand

Gidi – Carnivore Steak & Grill Ao Nang
Stefan – Kon-Tiki Thailand
Inge – Krabi Apartments
Svein – Baan Sawan Resort
Terje – Tourist / Supporter