New wreck to be sunk outside Phi Phi Ley – 19th of March

The last ship to be sunk in the Krabi region to create an artifical reef is due on the 19th of March. This Norweigan built vessel AKS 861, by PUSNES MEKANSIKE VERKSTED, was commissioned in the thai Navy on the 9th of April 1956. The dual diesel engine ship is 47 meters long and 7,7 meters wide. The wreck is to be placed on the east side of Phi Phi Ley making it a great dive site all year around, creating an artifical reef for coral and fish.

There are very little documentation of this ship, but we believe from the website, that a Norweigan visitor has caught the correct vessel on photo shown above.

Below is the schedule and an invite for anyone wishing to watch the sinking, with the local ferry company in Ao Nang

8:00                   Depart Klong Heang Pier aboard Aonang Princess
10:30 ~ 11:00     Opening Ceremony
11:00 ~ 11:30     Commence scuttling of HSWW Gret Geaow
11:30 ~ 12:30     Ship requiem and salut
13:00                 Leave for home
14:00                 Return to Klong Heang Peir

We will keep you updated on the latest news for this event, and of course, when the new wreck is safe for diving!

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