Kon-Tiki trainee Amanda

Kon-Tiki Dive Boat

Hey, let’s go!

My name is Amanda and I’m from Sweden and I have been having my internship on Kon-Tiki in soon three weeks, it feels just like yesterday that I was opening the door to kontiki dive center. This two weeks have going so fast, and it have being so fun to meet all the new people and all the stuff.

The thing I thinks the best here is that your days never are the same, one day you’re working in the shop and cleaning, paper work and things like that. And then the next day you are out whit the boat and snorkeling whit the guests. During my time here I Thailand I have learn to talk more English and a have grown as a person. Now it’s less than a week left in paradise and I know that I’m going to miss this so much!

I’m very happy that i got the possibility to have my internship her in Thailand on Kon-Tiki. Malene and the PADI dive masters and instructors – thanks for that you have taken care of me during my time here in Thailand.

Realgymnasiet Äventyrs turism inriktning dykning Västerås

Andaman Sea fish


Amanda Trainee Diving


Dive boat

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