The life of a Swedish School student to a divemaster in Thailand – what a change of life!

Kon-Tiki Krabi DM1

My name is Charlie Klehr and I am a student from Sweden from the high school Real. In the first year at High school we were told to decide a subject in the adventure course, at the same time I decide to follow my dreams. So now three years later I stand as a Divemaster with experience in Thailand that will make you a story!

I went to Thailand for six weeks that became to change my life. Hoping of experience that could after my school lead to a work, but somehow I’ve got in love in the future because I found my way of living. I could never imagine the big change of me after the weeks alone, after the weeks to be adult, after weeks to take responsibility. I could feel the absolute freedom, so nearly as the feeling of the water in Thailand, you can’t see it but you know it’s there so clear is it sometimes! It was truly the living dream. After my weeks at the boats with people, smiles, laugh, I know that Kon-Tiki is something more that I will gladly recommend for people who wants good diving and fun days at sea. At my work I’ve got the best dives in my life that will be captured in my heart, that I will come back for.

Tree simple words are Kon-Tiki Passion, Professionalism and Environment.

Charlie Klehr

Kon-Tiki DM




Kon-Tiki Krabi DM4

Kon-Tiki Krabi DM3

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