Emelie Kon-Tiki trainee

Emelie Kon-Tiki Krabi Boat

Hello my name is Emelie and I’m from Sweden. I’m here to do my practice instead of Sweden and I have been here for one week now. I’m going to be here in two month and this is my first time here in Thailand so all is new for me but I’m so exciting to be here and first of all to do my practice here.

I have just finnished my Open Water course and did this course in four days. In Open Water course I learned how to dive safely and how I plan a safe dive with a buddy. The first two days I had theory and pool, when that day was finished. The last days I went to the sea and did the things I learned in the pool. The first dive I did in the ocean was a great time, I saw things I never seen before. With Open Water I can go down to 18 meters but now I want to go deeper and that’s why I want to do Advance Open Water also. I’m in love with diving right now, it is so fun!

The first day I started my practice was in the shop here in Krabi and learned me about how all the thing works, I think it’s going to be fun to learn me new thing. The second day was I at the boat and did some snorkeling and learned me how it works at the big boat. It was fun to see all the fishes and see them how they live under the water and the blue water do it more fun.

Emelie Snorkeling Kon-Tiki Krabi

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