The last adventures of Kon-Tiki Trainee Iman

Iman Kon-Tiki Krabi Ao Nang

My last week started at Sheraton with Therese, where it was very quiet, but it was very nice to be with Therese and I will thank her very much for the nice time with her.

Then I was in the shop with Ida and there was the same very quiet, but a lot more thing to do. On Wednesday it was the 5 Pearls and with Ida it was very sunny day and I helped her with the briefing and thanks for everything Ida I had very fun with you. All the other days i have been at the boat and of course that is the best thing. Thanks you Kon-Tiki Krabi and all their staff to have made my 3 week for the best weeks ever. Nikko yes you are one of the beast snorkel instructors, but Conny is better hahah ;D
Johan thanks that you made my last day the best diving day 🙂

Iman, a Kon-Tiki trainee from Real Gymnasiet in Malmø.

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