Kon-Tiki Trainees Simon and Iman Blog 3

Kon-Tiki boat Andaman Sea


So, new week and guess what? It has just flown by so fast that I hardly can remember it. I joined the boat on Saturday where I got to dive on Monkey Bay with Malene, Johan and Iman, the dive was yet again as always amazing and I saw a few clown fishes and lots of other fishes, after that we headed off to Monkey Bay for snorkeling where we saw a water worm and Iman got so scared! Our last stop for the day was Mosquito Island where my duty was to be a dry staff so I got a chance to work on my tan while helping snorkelers get out of the water and counting them!

On Monday I went to Bida Island where I was a dry staff, not much for me to see but the divers saw a leopard shark, turtles and all other kind of amazing creatures, of course I’m not jealous at all! I was stationed at Centara Grand Resort with Felicia on Tuesday and it was just a calm day, a few guest’s that wanted to rent the kayaks and a few other curious guests that was interested in diving. On Wednesday I didn’t go to Phi Phi and I didn’t manage to get a slice of that gorgeous pizza which is a shame. Instead I was at the shop and helped customers and washed the windows. On Thursday I joined Magne to Sheraton and saw a few elephants on the way over there. Well at Sheraton resort I cleaned the shop and washed the windows, I must say that they sure look good now. Also on Friday I joined Fredrik and Conny with their discover scuba diving students which was super exciting! We did three dives and I got to act as a dive master for Daniel who is from Finland, well down at ten meters depth we saw a turtle and bunch of other cool fishes, I must say that the facial expression you get from the students after such a great dive is just fantastic, personally there is nothing better than to see a diver so happy after a dive and that’s why I want to work with diving in the future.

The days just fly by and today it’s my last day here before heading home. My stay here has been amazing and quite hard to describe since no day have ever been the same, although I’ve learnt something new every day and it’s been a blast down here.

Cheers readers!

Kon-Tiki Krabi trainee

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