Destination Krabi joins Divers Night 2012

Divers night thailand kon-tiki krabiAs darkness and cold starts coming to the more northern parts of the world, we begin the countdown to the annual Divers Night. This started as a world record event 8 years ago in Norway. The plan was to get as many people night diving at the same time all over the world. It has been a had great success; the world record is currently from 2009 where 2749 divers on 218 dive sites in 20 countries managed to get themselves in full scuba equipment, submerged at the same time.

This year, Divers night is on the 1st of November and the time everyone should be underwater in their scuba equipment is 20:12.We will organize a 3 dive trip at the Ao nang islands where the 3rd dive is free of charge, and of course counting towards the world record attempt. Once our Night diving is over we will register everyone, to track if we have beaten the record? This is a perfect opportunity to see our beloved ocean in a whole new light (darkness?). To see the different behavior during these hours, and also experiencing the illuminating green plankton as the try to escape. It’s possible to do this as a part of your PADI Advanced open water diver course or if you would be interested in doing the PADI Night diver specialty course. Who knows, maybe this year we will break the record of 2009.

For more information contact Conny at

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