A Divemaster trainees story

Kon-Tiki Padi Dive Master Krabi

Before I did my PADI Divemaster, I would describe myself as an individual who loved and cared about the ocean and the life within it. This is one of the reasons I learnt to scuba dive, as it allowed me to gain more understanding about the marine world, and what I and other people can do to help it.

However, after doing my PADI Divemaster with Kon-Tiki, not only has the way I am thinking changed, but also how I look at it. I chose to do my PADI Divemaster so that I would develop skills, both social and physical that would enable me to work as a PADI professional. In the end this would result in my guests and my own future enjoyment, being able to do things I never had before. Having completed my PADI Divemaster with Kon-Tiki, I can confidently say and believe I have gained such skills. Not only has Kon-Tiki given me fantastic training, by me working with, and learning from numerous different instructors a intenstity levels that I believe are optimum for PADI Divemaster training. They have aslo made it extremely enjoyable, making it fun and exciting. These, I believe are another two vital ingredients in successful learning. I would like to say a special thanks to the instructors I worked with and specifically my mentor.

To whoever may be thinking about doing this course in the future, I would highly recommend this dive company. The last 5 weeks have been some of the most enjoyable and interesting ever! I cannot wait to put the skills I have learnt here into practice in the future.

Thank you Kon-Tiki

Guy Ph

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