Weird Creature of the month – March

Hawksbill turtles are found throughout the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Not particularly large compared with other sea turtles, hawksbills grow up to 114cm and can weigh up to 70 kg. They can get up to 50 years old and spend their first year floating amongst sea plants near the surface Their head ends in a sharp point resembling a birds beak, from there we got – Hawksbill.
Normally found on reefs rich on the sponges they feed on but they also eat everything from mollusks , fish, algae and crustaceans. They have a hard shell that protects them from predators but they still fall pray from large fish – crocodiles – sharks and humans. They make incredible migrations from their feeding sites to nesting grounds. They will then make dig pit in the sand and fill this with eggs. And the eggs will hatch about 60 days later. This is the most dangerous part of their life, while seagulls, crabs and humans fight for their share of the small turtles.
Hawksbill is THE most endangered species of turtles and their egg are still being eaten around the world, even their shells are getting them killed – So we can have jewelry.
Fun Facts:
Can hold their breath up to 2 hours
The biggest species of turtle is the Leatherback, it can weigh up to 600kg and measure up tp 3 meters in lengt and about 3 meters in widht.
The leatherback can also swim approximatly 70km/day
Some freshwater turtles Hibernate during winter by burying themselves in mud
Turtles “cry” on land because this is how they get rid of absorbed salt
They live on every continent except antarctica.

Diving Thailand Hawksbill turtle

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